ハイライトは"don't start with me"




White Color(ホワイトカラー) シーズン1【原題】Book of Hours

We can wrap this up with this bunch

bunch 共通の利害関係を持つ人の集まり = 警察

That's our boy.

Close range.

close range 至近距離

No eyewitnesses.

eyewitnesses 目撃者

Body's not waterlogged, so it's...fresh..25-caliber casing.

waterlogged びしょぬれ .25-caliber 25口径

European gauge.

gauge 口径

It's a 22-caliber.

This is Brooklyn, buddy, not Bavaria.

Bavaria バイエルン

Pete Burke.

This is a homicide, not an art exhibit.

homicide 殺人 exhibit 展覧会

What are you doing here?

Ruiz, I see they let you out of your cubicle.

cubicle パーティションで区切られた小スペース


This is my show now.

Where's your pet convict?

I left him in the car with the windows cracked.

windows cracked ひびの入った窓?

What are you doing at my crime scene?

This tails into my case.

tail 尾行する

This is mob retaliation.

mob retaliation マフィアの報復

It's my investigation now.

investigation 捜査

If you don't believe me, ask Hughes.

Don't...don't start with me.


You've got Ruiz running organized crime?

That's unbelievable.

We offer you that bump every year.

bump 昇進させる

Every year, you turn it down.

turn it down 仕事を断る

This isn't mob-on-mob.

mob on mob マフィアの抗争

The Bible's the key to this thing.

All you got is a homeless guy with a spotty memory who thinks Ignazio may have enticed him into stealing the Bible.

a spotty memory 記憶が曖昧 entice 上手い話で釣る

What we got here is a dead member of the Barelli family probably killed by the Morettis.

All right, fine.

I'll stay out of the active investigation.

stay out of 〜に関わらない

Just let me take a look at whatever's on that body.

take a look at ちらっと見る whatever せめて

It's Ruiz's case, and he's not comfortable sharing intel while Caffrey's with you.

not comfortable 心配している intel = inteligence while 〜しながら

Oh, come on.

He's a convicted felon, Peter.

convicted 有罪判決を受けた

And Ruiz isn't the only one with reservations.

reservation 条件を設けて受け入れる

All right.

You have plenty of other cases on your sheet.

Let organized crime handle this one.All right.

We're off the case.

off the case 担当を外す

We've been asked to step down.

ask 求める step down 身を引く

You think this is a retaliation killing by the other family?

I don't think Paul would have met a Moretti alone by this river, not with all the bad blood in the water.

bad blood 不仲

Now, if Ruiz is right...That a Moretti killed him?

We may be sitting on the edge of a mob war.

So, what do we do?

I can't do much of anything.

Ruiz is not willing to share the case file.

be willing to 〜する気だ

So, where's that leave us?

Like I said, I can't do much of anything.

like I said 言った通り

I'm getting a little chilly by this water, aren't you?

chilly 肌寒い

Think I could borrow your jacket?

borrow 借りる

I swear to you, Peter, under no circumstances will I impersonate the FBI.

swear 誓う under no circumstances どんなことがあっても〜ない impersonate 〜のふりをする

Where do you think you're going?

This is Paul Ignazio's apartment, right?

Hi, uh, Ted Jefferson from the evidence recovery team.

evidence recovery team 証拠回収チーム

I don't care if you're Thomas Jefferson.

I don't care if 〜でも気にしない

I need ID.

Oh, sorry.

I pulled a double hommie last night.

昨晩は二人殺された現場に行った。hommie スラング

It's in the van.

My partner took it to see his girlfriend in Queens.

Not my problem, brother.

Look, I just need a urine swab from the vic's toilet.

urine 尿 swab 採取 vic 罪人

If I don't get it soon, it'll spike the cross-reactivity, and then...

I don't get it soon すぐにやらないと spike 急上昇する cross-reactivity 交差反応

I got orders too, pal.

get orders 命令されている pal おい、君

No ID, no pee.

pee おしっこ

Oh, I know.

You can get it.

It's easy.

All you got to do is swab around the rim of the toilet, then drop the swab into the tube, screw the cap on the tube, and, bam, we're good to go.

rim 縁 枠

No way.

I'm not doing that.


Now it's your problem.


Yeah, cap.

I got a local hero by the name of...Okay, okay, pee boy.

Get it yourself.

Oh, it turns out he hero's on our side.

Never mind.

Any problems getting in?


He thinks I'm swabbing toilets.

I figure we've got about 10 minutes until he gets curious.

Why, is that the standard toilet-swabbing time?

Yes, that's exactly what it is.

You know, you look pretty comfortable in that FBI windbreaker.

comfortable 心地が良い

Maybe it's time to consider a new career path.


I prefer to keep my soul.

What are we looking for?

Paul convinced our homeless guy to steal a Bible.

convince 説得する

I wanna know why, I wanna know who killed him, and I wanna know if they're related.

He was researching something.

Hundred years' war, the Crusades.

the Crusades 十字軍

Illuminated manuscripts.

illuminated 装飾を施す manuscripts 写本

Why is a mob guy searching the medieval history?

Do you know the name Maria Fiametta?

Doesn't ring a bell.

ring a bell ピンとくる

Who is she?

Art historian, Brooklyn State.

art hisotrian 美術史

Serendipity...Paul had an appointment at Brooklyn State.

serendipity 別のものを探しているときに偶然に素晴らしい発見したりする才能

You find anything?

Your hunch was right.

Ruiz is on the wrong trail.

trail 痕跡

And how did you learn this?

A friend.

The same friend who...Same guy.

He's real.

I'm not making him up.

make up 作り上げる でっちあげる

Oh, I know he's real.

How much do you know?


What'd you find?

A professor who writes about the black market...Sicilian grave robbers, Egyptian smugglers, and Serbian mobsters.

Sicilian grave robbers シチリアの墓泥棒 Egyptian smugglers エジプトの密輸団 Serbian mobsters セルビアの暴力団

I mean, you can't run with those crowds unless you're willing to get dirt under your nails.

run with 一緒に行動する get dirt under your nails 土にまみれる 一緒に悪事をやらないと仲間になれない

What's his name?

Her name is Maria Fiametta.

A woman.

A regular "Cindiana Jones".

Do you wanna go meet her?

Yeah, I think I do.

You gentlemen are with the FBI?

Yes, we're hoping you can help us out on this one.

We're working on a stolen Bible.

Show her.

Thank you, agent...?

Neal Caffrey.

That's funny.

There's a very talented manuscript forger also named Neal Caffrey.

talented 有能な

How talented?

You're him.

And you're with the FBI?

It's... sort of a work release.

I have to ask...um, is it true that the Vinland map is yours?

How could it be?


But if it is a forgery, it's spectacular.

spectacular 超大作

How about we get back to my current problem?

A pre-Renaissance Bible stolen from a church in Brooklyn.

It's... very beautiful, but it's not a Bible.

It's not?

Pre-renaissance, yes, uh, but it's too small to be a Bible.

Then it's a book of hours.

book of hours 時祷書

Most likely, yes.


In the Italian style.

It's a large prayer book.

To show their devotion, monks and nuns had to recite the psalms, hymns, or chants at specific times all day long.

monk 修道士 recite 復唱する psalms 聖歌 hymns 讃美歌 chant 詠唱する

Sunday school.

Lots of Sundays.

This is a particularly nice example.

Paul Ignazio thought so, too.


Do you know him?


We believe he stole it.

Oh, well, I hope you catch him.

Can't... He's dead.

Looks like a mob hit, but we're still hoping to figure out who took the book.

I'd love to know.

イギリス英語でI'd like to よりも強くしたい

It's quite beautiful.

Here's my card.

If you hear anything or come across anyone who's looking to buy or sell something like that...

come across 思い浮かぶ

I will call you.

Thank you.

It's a pleasure.


If you are ever in the mood to discuss medieval manuscripts...

in the mood to 〜したい気分

Oh, you'd be surprised how often I'm in the mood for that.

私はちょくちょくそんな気分だということを知ると驚くだろうね。 to know が省略されてる

ヒーリングバイブル ダニーとデート



ほぼ何を言ってるか聞こえなかったけど、字幕に表示されていた"We can wrap this up with this bunch." bunchは警察となっていました。業界用語なのかな?
"I left him in the car with the windows cracked." の"with the windows cracked" には何か意味がありそうだったけど、わからずそのままひびの入った窓とした。
"don't start with me""わかっているから(言うのはやめてくれ)。" "けんかを売るのはやめてくれ。" など止めたいときに使用 ピーターはマフィアの抗争なんかじゃないと考えているが、ヒューズはスティーブの記憶があいまいなの上、この現場でわかるのはバレリのメンバーが抗争相手モレッティに殺されたことだけで、聖書との因果関係はわからないだろ?
"I'll stay out of the active investigation. Just let me take a look at whatever's on that body." 捜査に口を出さないからせめて死体を見させてくれ。

"I'm getting a little chilly by this water, aren't you?" 水辺だから寒いね?chilly って肌寒いって感じがしない・・・。むしろ暑そうなイメージの単語。
"I swear to you, Peter, under no circumstances will I impersonate the FBI" 誓って、FBIのフリをするようなことはないから。

"I don't care if you're Thomas Jefferson." お前がトーマス・ジェファーソンであっても関係ない。
"No ID, no pee." No music, no life. ってかっこいい標語とかではなくこのパターンはよく使われるのね。
"Now it's your problem" ここからはお前の問題だぞ。みとけよ〜みたいな感じかな。"Not my problem, brother." を受けて。

"Maybe it's time to consider a new career path." FBIに転職しても良いんじゃない?
"I prefer to keep my soul." 魂は売らない。
"Do you know the name Maria Fiametta?" "Doesn't ring a bell." ピンとこないな。

"Your hunch was right" 勘があたってたよ。ブラックマーケットに関する本を書いてる教授と関係がありそうだ。

"That's funny." ニールキャフリーって才能ある偽造犯と同じ名前ね?
"I have to ask" 聞きたいんだけど。"How could it be" まさか。そんなことはない。
"How about we get back to my current problem?" 話を戻そうか?
聖書にしては小さいので"book of hours" 時祷書 でしょう。イタリアでよくあります。"hours" が聞き取れない。

ハイライトは"don't start with me"かな。このシーンはモジーの面白い会話だったり、ニールとピーターのやり取りだったり、ダニーの会話だったり楽しい。 "Your hunch was right"とか"I don't care if"とか使えそうなのや重要そうなのもある。