ハイライトは"Let me help you"


第一発見者 タラ


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I hate this.

Every year...every year, it's like this.

Finally squeezed into a train at Union Square.

squeezed into 詰め込まれる

Couldn't fall down if you were shot.


Come on.

It's impossible to catch a cab.

Oh, Peter, Peter, Peter, Peter.

Thank you.


Thank you.

Enjoy your day.

It's Fashion Week.

Peter...embrace it.

embrace it 受け入れる

Come on...


There we go.



All right.

Oh, no.

Yes, all right.

Let me help you here.




We are supposed to be interviewing our witness right now.

be supposed to 〜することになっている

Peter, all right.


That's not gonna do it.


We're after an Israeli counterfeiter ... goes by the name of Ghovat.

goes by the name of 〜の名で通る

We're going after "the ghost"?

We're going after the ghost.

What do you know about him?

I mean, this guy is nefarious.

nefarious 極悪人

I mean, counterfeit treasury bonds, dollars.

treasury bond 国債

He's rumored to be the first guy to crack the microprinting on the euro.

be rumored to be 〜と噂される crack 解読する

Well, now we can add murder to that list.

Are you sure he called himself Ghovat?

are you sure 確かに〜?



What happened?

I was at the party.

Why were you there?

Many models were invited.

It happened as I was leaving, when I went for my coat.

go for 取りに行く

I was in the back room when the two men came in.

They were arguing.

argue 口論する

They didn't see you?

I made sure to keep out of sight... in the closet.

keep out of sight 人目に触れないようにする

They...started shouting at each other.

Then, suddenly, everything went...very...quiet.

The man who called himself Ghovat...

I heard him leaving.

When I walk out, that's when I saw the other man.

that's when 〜したのはその時です。

He was on the floor, already...dead.


Our men are gonna stay with you for now.

stay with 付き添う for now 今のところ

But if you need anything, day or night, you feel free to call me.

day or night 昼夜とわず

If you heard this man again, do you think you could identify him?

I will never forget his voice as long as I live.

Have you IDed the dead guy?

A foreign national out of Turkey, known associate of Ghovat.

Foreign national 外国人 associate 仲間、付き合いのある

Hmm, a falling-out over business.

a falling-out over business ビジネス上の口論 fall out over 〜のことで仲たがいする

Yeah, that's what I'm thinking.

考えてたところだ。 そうだね。

My working theory...this has something to do with Fashion Week.

have something to do with 〜と関係がある

Yeah, well, assuming our ghost has something to sell, Fashion Week is a great cover.

assuming 〜だとしたら

He's got all his buyers in New York this week, with no bells going off.

going off 鳴り出す(作動する)

Unfortunately, we've got 30, 000 buyers.

We've also got someone who can identify his voice.

Are you gonna share?


You're gonna think I'm crazy.

It's never stopped you before.

We throw a party.

throw [パーティを]開催する

Is it your birthday?


Then you're crazy.

Okay, look, okay?

Look at this.

Monte Carlo, Cannes, Ibiza, Rio...this guy likes to have a good time.

have a good time 楽しい時間を過ごす 豪遊する

We put women, booze, fashion all together in one spot...and what do we do, send him an evite?

evite 招待サイト

He replies, "ghost plus one"?

plus one 招待状のない客

No, we bring him to us.

We have Tara there in the room, listening.

She can I.D him.

It's a party.

don't...don't do this in the office.

A party?

The witness is confident she can identify him by his voice.

confident 確信している

How do you know he'll show up?

How do you know どうしてわかる

You fill it with beautiful women.

fill it with 埋めつくす

I was addressing my case agent.

address 話しかける

Looking at his M.O., he has a thing for models.

M.O. Method of Operation 行動パターン have a thing for 〜が大好きだ


Well, me too.

Hey, Jones! You like models?

Love 'em.

Jones likes 'em, too.

Is there a plan in here somewhere?

Call me when one shows up.


Caffrey, Ghovat...these guys are cut from the same cloth.

be cut from the same cloth 似たもの同士

Neal's convinced that our ghost will show up.

convince 確信させる

I say we trust his instincts on this one.

I say 前置き〜しようよと提案 instinct 直感

We've never been this close to Ghovat.

I'll authorize 5 grand for this party.

authorize 許可する grand 1000ドル

God, you know, 15 would be better.

We'll make 5 work.


And we'll get Elizabeth to help us.

My wife?

She's an event planner...best in the business.

best in the business 業界一

She'll work with us on the price?

My wife?

Your wife.

His wife.

Don't hit me.

I'm sorry.




エピソード1の時は、初回は再生速度0.7倍にして徐々にスピードを通常にするって方法にしてたけど、今回は最初から通常再生で挑戦。 意外と聞き取れてる気がするなあと少しだけ成長を実感。 とはいえ、全体としては初めて聞いて何を言ってるかわかるかと聞かれれば聞き取れてませんです。

"Couldn't fall down if you were shot." 仮定法過去かな?
"It's impossible to catch a cab." 〜するのも困難だ。これはいろんなところで使えそう。
"Enjoy your day" 確かに前向きな挨拶。
"embrace it" 受け止めようとか受け入れようって感じかな。
"Let me help you here"やってあげようとか、貸してみてとかって感じ。ドアは私が閉めてあげようってこと。
"Squeeze" "squeeze one's fingers in a doorway" でドアで指を挟むから、指を挟まないように気を付けてってこと。
"be rumored to be" 〜と噂される 第一発見者は、モデルで帰りにコートを取りに戻ったら、二人が言い争いになる現場に遭遇。
"if you need anything, day or night, you feel free to call me" 何かあったら、昼夜問わず、自由に連絡をくれ。
"I will never forget his voice as long as I live" 一生あの声は忘れない。

"Foreign national out of Turkey" "A falling-out over business" と"Foreign" "Falling" から始まり発音の違いがわからない。
"have something to do with" 〜と関係がある "assuming" 〜だとしたら は、ifと同じ感じなのかな〜 タラを見送った後、どうするか検討。ファッションウィークと何か関係があるだろうと思う。
"Are you gonna share?" 共有したいのか?ひらめいたのか?
"You're gonna think I'm crazy." 頭がおかしいと思うかも。"It's never stopped you before." 前からお前を止められなかった。(前から思ってる) パーティーを開こう。モンテカルロ、カンヌ、イビザ、リオ。この男は派手なパーティーが好きなんだ。

ピーターの上司に相談したところ、"How do you know he'll show up?" なぜこいつが現れるとわかる?
"You fill it with beautiful women"とニール。
"I was addressing my case agent" 担当捜査官に話してるんだが。まだ、ニールは認められていないと。
"he has a thing for models" hava a thing for 〜が好きだ。
"I say we trust his instincts on this one." ニールの直感を信じたい。
"I'll authorize 5 grand for this party." 5000ドルまで許可しよう。
"we'll get Elizabeth to help us" 業界一のイベントプランナーエリザベスに手伝ってもらうことに。

ハイライトは"Let me help you"かな。これはチャンスがあれば使いたい。 手伝ってあげようとか、やってあげようとかってときに一言言えれば、おしゃれ。