ハイライトは"You've gotta be kidding me"



White Color(ホワイトカラー) シーズン1【原題】Pilot

I've come to donate these.

donate 寄付する

Men's suits.

Those are fantastic.

They belonged to my late husband...Byron.

belong to に属する

He really did have great taste in clothes.

really did 強調 have great taste in clothes 服のセンスが良い

May I?

May I だけで伝わるんやね。これは使える

Thank you.

This is a Devore.

Sy Devore 高級スーツデザイナー


He won it from Sy himself.

Won it?

He beat him at a backdoor draw.

backdoor draw ポーカー用語

Your husband played poker with Sy Devore?

He certainly did.

certainly 確かに

And so did I.

so did I 私もやった



The guys would even let me sit in once in a while on a hand.

once in a while 時々

And I was good.

I'm glad to see you appreciate these.

appreciate 価値がわかる この良さがわかる人に出会えてうれしい

I was hoping someone would.


I've got a whole closet full of them.

a whole closet full of クローゼットに山ほどある

A whole closet?

Well, actually, it's a guest room, but, uh, but I haven't used it for anything except storage for years.

except 除いて storage 倉庫 for years 何年も

Byron used to wear that one whenever we went dancing.

used to よく〜する whenever 〜するときはいつも

The neighborhood was...

Let's say it was much nicer then.

let's say 言ってみれば 例えば、一例を挙げれば

You live nearby?

Not far.

I'm here for Caffrey, room 11.


Oh, yeah, yeah.

"Old Snake eyes".

Nice guy.

Left you a note.


You've gotta be kidding me.


Good day.

Thank you.

I think I have the wrong address.

You must be Peter.


I'm looking for Neal Caffrey.

He's upstairs.

You're early.

We're shaking a lead at the airport.

shaking a lead は網を張るとかって意味かな?

We got a hit on "Snow White".

"Snow White".

The phrase you decoded from a suspected Dutchman communique to Barcelona.

decode from 復号する suspected 容疑者 snow whiteは、容疑者ダッチマンがバルセロナでやり取りしてるって意味だなって感じかな?宿題やったよって感じで資料をポンと叩く

You moved.


It's nicer than the other place, don't you think?


I don't remember the other place having a view.

I went to the thrift store, like you suggested.

like you suggested 提案通り

And June...

Lady with the dog.

We met....was donating her late husband's clothes.

late hasband 亡くなった夫

We hit it off.

hit it off 意気投合する

She had an extra guest room.

You said if I found a nicer place for the same price, I should take it.

for the same price 同じ値段で

I did say that.


All this for $700?



But I help out around the place.

help out 手伝う

Oh, sure.

Feed the dog.



Wash the jag.

jag ジャガー

Watch her granddaughter from time to time.

from time to time 時々

She's got you babysitting?

How's it going?


Morning, Neal.


She's an art student.


Go get dressed.


You mind?

〜しても良い? Do you mind〜

Hey, grandma.

Good morning, Cindy.

It's perfect.

Even the freakin' coffee is perfect.

freaking = facking

That's not jewelry on his ankle, you know.

He's a felon.

felon 犯罪者

So was Byron.


You look like a cartoon.

cartoon アニメ

This is classic rat pack.

クラシックラットパックだ rat pack フランクシナトラ一家

This is a Devore.

Sorry, Dino.


Will you stop with the hat?

Will you stop〜 止めてもらえる?

Come on.

Let's go.

You're upset.

upset イラつく

Sour grapes.

負け惜しみ イソップ寓話からきているらしい

What was that?

Look, you tell me which rule I broke, and I will thumb it back to prison myself.

you tell me こっちが聞きたいくらい 言われなくてもわかってる thumb it back to ヒッチハイクで戻る

For starters...


I work hard.

I do my job well.

And I don't have a $10 million view of Manhattan that I share with a 22 year old art student while we sip espresso.

sip すする

Why not?

Why not?

Because I'm not supposed to.


The amount of work I do equals certain things in the real world.

Not cappuccino in the clouds.

in the cluds 非現実的な

Look, I will find out where June buys her coffee if it's that important to you.

find out 調べる そんなコーヒーが重要ならジューンにどこで買ったか聞いとくよ。って、ニールはピーターが"Even the freakin' coffee is perfect" って言ってたのを聞いていたのか!

It's not about the coffee.

I think it is.

No, it's not.

This is what gets you into trouble.


This is the start of those something for nothing schemes that lead to the frauds that got you locked up.


I think it's some sort of Italian roast.

some sort of 何らかの

Get in the car.

ピーターとエリザベスの会話 ダイアナとの出会い



意味が分からなくても一回で聞き取れるようになるなんてなかなか無理。なんだと諦めてきました。気長にやります。 イメージは、意味が分からなくても言ってることがわかる→単語を調べる→意味を理解する→単語がわかれば意味も分かる!

"really did" は、同士?文章自体?を強調。have great taste in はセンスがいい。"He really did have great taste in clothes" は、ホントに服のセンスが良かったわ。
"May I" だけで意図が通じる。これは良いね。Devoreは日本人にはあまりなじみのない高級スーツデザイナー。backdoor drawはポーカー用語。
最近はbackdoorは野球でも流行ってる。"so did I"は、私もやったって丸覚えなのかな? did I の語順だと疑問文みたいで違和感。
"used to "は、よく〜する。とか〜に慣れているみたいな感じで今後もたまに出てくる。
"I'm here for 〜" は、無理に日本語にすると私は○○のためにここにいる。だけど、「知らんがな。だからどうした?」ってなりそう。
"shake a lead" でリードを揺らして足を引っかけるってことかと思ってたけど、leadには手掛かりや情報って意味があって、shake は情報を流すとかって意味なのか。
"The phrase you decoded from 〜"のくだりはよくわからないので無理に訳さずフィーリング。
"hit it off"は、意気投合する "from time to time"は時々  "Do you mind〜" ○○しても良い?
"freaking" は "fucking" の丁寧な言い方らしいけど、結局はFワード フランクシナトラとかディノとか知らないのでこのくだりの面白さがイマイチわからず。
"Will you stop〜" 止めてもらえる?みたいな感じかな?
"Sour grapes"は負け惜しみでイソップ物語から来てるとか来てないとか。

ハイライトは"You've gotta be kidding me" 重要ワードではなさそうだけど、これが自然に出てくれば英語慣れしてる気がしたので。 自然に出てくれば、かっこいいって基準。「嘘やろ〜」とかつぶやく代わりに「You've gotta be kidding me」って言いたい。