ハイライトは"The same for me, please"




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However you got us here, I don't wanna know.

however 〜であろうとも

That's our girl.

That's our Dmitri.

Guy always looks like he's waiting for something to happen.

Maybe he's waiting for Ghovat.

He lost his phone last night.

If that was his only connection to him...

Figuring the only way back in is through the girl.

the only way 唯一の方法 関係を取り戻す唯一の方法が彼女を通すことだ。

I'll buy that.


You wanna go check it out?

No, I can't.

I start flashing my badge, they'll scatter like rats.

start flashing チラ見せする scatter 散り散りになる

You trust me?


Do you trust me to talk to Dmitri?

What are you thinking?

Stand there and look menacing.

menacing 殺気立つ


Stand there and look menacing.

No, Peter..."menacing"...

you look like your kid just struck out.


This is menacing.

What are you talking?

No, it's not.

It's menacing.

It's menacing! That's not it.

Okay, that's it, right there.

Now cross your arms.

What are you doing?

I want to let him know you're packing.

you're packing 銃を持つ


Now say "I'll be back."


Yeah, Dmitri, right?

I never got your name.

No.You didn't.

What are you doing here?

Same thing you are.


Just waiting for a chance to talk to our beautiful friend.

You enjoy the party?

A little too much excitement for my taste.

a little too much 少々〜過ぎる for my taste 私の舌には

Well, you know what they say.

you know what they say よく言われているように

It's not a party till the police break it up.

break up 中断させる

Yeah, your little event may have attracted the wrong element.

attracte 招く wrong element 悪い要因

As a matter of fact, my phone was stolen.

As a matter of fact 実は

That can make it tough to contact people.

But there are always ways to get in touch with someone.

get in touch with 〜に連絡する

All right, let's cut the act.


We both know why we're here.

I don't know who you are, but you're way out of your league.


This game takes way more than money.

You're not the only buyer interested in what Ghovat is selling.

I'm the only one that matters.

matter 事柄・問題

You and your friend should take a walk.

take a walk どっか行け

He is definitely here to buy.

That girl could lead to wherever Ghovat is staying.

I'll have Jones keep tailing them.

have + 人 + 原形 させる(使役動詞)

Hey, man, for the record, you're much scarier than that other guy.

for the record ついでに言うと scary 恐い


Looks like your boy Dmitri is heading into a hotel on Madison.

head 向かう

Think he's staying there?

Well, he ain't bringing any luggage with him.

ain't = isn't luggage 旅行かばん

Lock it down.

Put somebody on every exit.

I'm on my way.



Gotcha = I got you



He's been in there for... two hours.

Nobody in or out?

No, and I got two agents on every exit.

This is Burke.

Just Got a report. Two men arguing on the 50th floor.

Dmitri'son the 50th floor.

Jones, get that room.


Damn it.

sex games gone wrong?

gone wrong 失敗した


Could just be a message.

Maybe he was trying to shut him up.

Yeah, but we don't even know if Ghovat was here.

don't even know if 〜すら知らない

No, our ghost was here.

The knife wound matches the blade width and angle of penetration on our foreign national killed by Ghovat.

wound 切り口 blade 刃 width 幅 angle of penatration 貫通の角度

It's him.

Do we know how Ghovat got out of the building?


I found a service elevator down the hall.

Wasn't on the reconstruction blueprints.

reconstruction 改築 blueprint 見取り図

Which is exactly why he picked this place.

Which is exactly これこそが

Yeah, this guy is good.

Why a dress?

I don't know.

It's not off-the-rack.

off the rack 既製品

There's no tag, which means it's couture.

We deal with a lot of knockoffs.

deal with 取り組む knockoff 盗品

Ask me what I know about a Prada bag sometime.

Oh, look at this.

There's a slit here.

It's about the size of an electronic security strip.

electronic security strip 盗難防止タグの切れ目

A lot of the designers are building them into the clothes.

So, basically, it's a miniature flash drive?

basically つまり

Yeah, in theory, you could piggy back up to 4 gigs on one.

in theory 理論上は piggy back up のる

Well, that's enough space to smuggle all kinds of information worth killing for.

smuggle こっそり運ぶ(密輸する)

Lauren, uh... give me a photobook of all the designers who had a show this year.

Let's find out who made this dress.

容疑者捜査 ゴバートと接触

webプログラマあるある ワイズ

I'll be back.

fashion shootにFBIだと名乗らずに立ち入ることに成功。"However you got us here, I don't wanna know."だけど、ピーターはどうやったか知りたくもないと。
"I'll buy that."賛成だ。buyには、(意見を)受け入れると言う意味もあるらしい。
ピーターにサングラスをかけさせ、"Now say I'll be back." "Same thing you are." レストランとかで同じものをって頼むときの一言"The same for me, please" "I'll have the same, please" "you know what they say"よく言われているけどさ。
"As a matter of fact"今まで言ってなかったんだけど、本当はね・・・ このAs a matter of factがほとんどなに言ってるか聞き取れない。
ニールは、ディミトリを挑発しつつ何をしているのか聞き出す。ニールのゴバートがうっているものに興味を持っているのは前だけじゃないよの一言に"I'm the only one that matters." "for the record"ついでに言っとくと

ain't「am not, is not, are not」の略 "I'm on my way" すぐ行く「go ahead.」「After you.」は「お先にどうぞ」なのか。

"width" 幅。そんなに難しい単語ではないけど、プログラマの間ではワイズと読む人が多いが、ワイズだと絶対に通じない。

ハイライトは"The same for me, please"。正確にはこのセリフはないけど、使い勝手が良さそうだなあって思ってこれにしました。