ハイライトは"What are the odds"




How I met your mother シーズン1【原題】Purple Giraffe

Narrator: Okay, where was I?


Daughter: You were telling us how you met mom.

Son: In excruciating detail...

excruciating 極度に In excruciating detail 事細かに

Narrator: Right, so back in 2005 when I was twenty-seven, my two best friends got engaged. And it got me thinking, "Maybe I should get married." Then I saw... Robin. She was incredible. I just knew I had to meet her. That's where your Uncle Barney came in.

I just know (なんとなく)・・・のような気がする

Barney: I suggest we play a little game I like to call, "Have you Met Ted?"

Ted: No, no, no we're not playing "Have you Met Ted!"

Barney: Hi! Have you met Ted?

Narrator: So I asked her out, and I know this sounds crazy... but after just one date, I was in love with her, which made me say something stupid.

Ted: I think I'm in love with you.

Robin: What?

Daughter: Oh, Dad.

Son: So then what happened?

Narrator: Nothing. I mean, I made a complete fool of myself. So... a week went by and I decided not to call her.

make a fool of 笑いものにする a week went by 一週間が過ぎて

Marshall: So you're not gonna call her? You went from, "I think I'm in love with you" to "I'm not gonna call her?"

go from A to B AからBまで

Ted: I wasn't in love with her, okay? I was briefly in love with the abstract concept of getting married! That had absolutely nothing to do with Robin. Robin!

briefly ちょっとの間 absolutely まったく have nothing to do with 〜と関係がない

Robin: Hey!

Lily: Look who I ran into!

ran into 偶然出会う ねえ、誰に会ったと思う!

Ted: Since when do you guys know each other?

Robin: Uh... since about here. Lily recognized me from the news and... Hello, Sailor!

recognize A from B BでAに気付く

Ted: They just got engaged.

Robin: Well, I should get back to the station. See you guys. Nice seeing you, Ted.

"It was nice seeing you" meet 初めて see 2回目以降く

Ted: Yeah, you too. Damn it.

Lily: What?

Ted: I'm in love with her.

Barney: No! As your sponsor I will not let you relapse. You blew it. it's over move on.

relapse 逆戻り "You had a shot and you blew it!" 君はチャンスがあったのに逃したんだよ!

Ted: I don't know! I just have this feeling. She's the future Mrs. Ted Mosby. Lily, you squeaked? She said something about me didn't she? Come on, spill it. Red

squeake キーキーと音を立てる spill 白状する Red 共産主義者

Lily: Fine!

Lily: So what do we think of Ted?

Robin: Ted's something else.

Ted: Huh... I'm gonna spin that as good. Lots of guys are "something", I'm "something else".

spin 印象が良くなる I'm gonna spin that as good 良い方向に話が変わってきたよ。って感じか?

Robin:He comes on a little strong.


Ted: But...that's part of my charm.

Lily: But that's part of his charm.

Robin: Oh, totally. I mean, he's sweet, he's charming, he's just looking for something a little bit more serious than I am. I mean the most I can handle right now is something casual. This just stays between us, right?

this just stays between us ここだけの話

Lily: Are you kidding? This flapper fort knox.

flapper おてんば娘 fort knox 軍用地 秘密が漏れないたとえ

Lily: Oops...

Ted: She wants casual. Okay, I'll be casual. I'm gonna be a mushroom cloud of casual. You know why? Cause it's a game! I wanted to skip to the end and do the whole "happily ever after" thing but you don't get there unless you play the game.

mashroom cloud きのこ雲 happily ever after 末永く幸せに


Marshall: So you gonna ask her out?

Ted: Yeah, No! I can't ask her out, because if I ask her out I'm asking her out. So how do I ask her out, without asking her out?

Lily: Did you guys get high?

Ted: I got it! I don't ask her out... I invite her to our party next Friday.

Marshall: We're having a party next Friday?

Ted: We are now Casual

Barney: Yeah, cuz nothing says "Casual" like inviting a hundred people over just to mack on one girl. Oh, and Lily that's my leg.

mack 引き付けようとする

Lily: You waited five minutes to tell me that?

Marshall: Alright so call her up!

Ted: No, calling's not casual! I just gotta bump into her somewhere. If only I knew her schedule I could arrange a "chance" encounter.

bump into 〔偶然に人と〕出会う、鉢合わせする if only ただ〜でさえあればいいのだが

Lily: that's great, Ted. You'll be the most "Casual" stalker ever.

Narrator: Now ever since Marshall put that ring on her finger, Lily had been...well... extra affectionate.

now ever since その後ずっと affectionate affectionateの愛情の度合いは、loveまでは至らないが、単純に「好きだ」という意味のlikeよりは深い。

Marshall: Baby, no. I have a twenty five paged paper on unconstitutional law due on Monday, I barely started,

unconstitutional 違憲の

Lily: Hey, I'm just sitting here. Wearing my ring... my beautiful ring. Kind of makes wearing other stuff seem wrong. Like my shirt. Kind of don't wanna wear my shirt anymore. Or... my underwear. Oh-that's right I'm not wearing any.

Marshall: No underwear?

Lily: Not even slightly.

slightly わずかに

Ted: Guys, boundaries! There she is!

boundaries 馴れ馴れしい!

Robin: Thanks Bill, I'm reporting from the Razzle Dazzle Supermarket on 75th in Columbus

Ted: 75th in Columbus. Game on!

Robin: where four year old, Leroy Ellensburg, has climbed inside a grab a prize machine and gotten stuck. And on the pursuit of a stuffed purple giraffe. From Metro News One, I'm Robin Scherbatsky.

where この場所 pursuit 追求 get stuck 抜け出せなくなる stuffed いっぱいになった

Cameraman: We're clear

Robin: Thanks. Ted?

Ted: Robin, wow! What are the odds?

"What are the odds" なんて偶然だ

Robin: What are you doing here?

Ted: Oh, you know, just uh Shopping for uh dip. I love dip... I mean I don't love dip, I like dip. As a friend, you know. So uh hey, you uh reporting a news story or something?

Robin: Yeah, kid stuck in a crane machine, how sweet of you to call it news.

Ted: Wow, kid in a crane machine. You just had to have that toy didn't ya? Couldn't play the game like everyone else.

Leroy: You're all sweaty!

sweaty 汗びっしょり

Ted: Cute kid Um yeah it's so funny. I should run into you. we're having a party next Friday if you like swinging by! But, you know, whatever.

swing by 〜に立ち寄る whatever 知ったこっちゃない

Robin: Oh, I'm going back home next weekend. It's too bad it's not tonight.

Ted: It is, it's tonight. This Friday, Did I say next Friday? Yeah sorry cuz I've been saying "next Friday" all week, but yeah it's tonight. The uh party's tonight. But, you know, whatever.

Marshall: Hello?

Ted: hey, am I interrupting anything?

Marshall: No, no I'm just writing my paper. Hitting the books.

hit the book 熱心に勉強する

Ted: Yeah, well you and Lily might wanna put some clothes on. We're throwing a party in two hours. Okay, bye




エピソード1は、パイロット版でシリーズ化を目指して作ってるからかかなり作りこまれている気がする。 シリーズ化したエピソード2はちょっと劣る。それでも面白かったけど、セットとかがコントぽかった。 リスニングの方は、エピソード1よりもちょっと難しかった気がする。

"where was I?" どこまで話したっけ?って意味になるってすごいなー。前後の関係からわかるけど、これだけ見せられると全く分からない。
I had to meet her. 彼女に出会わなければいけなかった → 出会うべくして出会った have to は、日本語に上手く訳せない時が多い気がする。フィーリングを大切にしたい。


話が良い方向に変わってきたよ。ほとんどの男はsomething 私は something else ちょっと強引に迫りすぎ。
そうね。彼は優しいし、チャーミング。私以上に真剣に何か探してるよね。つまりは、私はもっとカジュアルな関係が良い。二人だけの話だよ。 まさか言うわけないよ。わたくしは、口が堅いことで有名よ。



子供が、UFOキャッチャーから出られなくなって。"how sweet of you to call it news" それをニュースにするなんて優しい。ってことだと思うけど、なんかイマイチ。


ハイライトは"What are the odds" かな。偶然出会うは他にも、"bump into" も出てきてた。 カジュアルが日本語のカジュアルとどう違うのかがわからなかったけど、そんなに深い意味はないんだろうなあと軽くとらえたよ。