ハイライトは"it's not so fresh”"




How I met your mother シーズン1【原題】Purple Giraffe

Narrator: So I threw a third party for Robin. On a Sunday night

Barney: Oh, this is lame.

lame ださい ⇔ cool

Ted: lame or "Casual"?

Barney: lame.

Ted: Or "Casual"?

Lily: Hey law books. Ready for a little fifteen minute recess?

recess 休憩

Marshall: Sorry, baby, I gotta work. I need all my blood up here. Has anybody seen an introduction to contract Tort and Restitution Statues from 1865 to 1923? Anybody seen a big ass book?

introduction 入門書 contract 定めて big ass どでかい

Crowd: No, no.

Tatiana: Hello, Barney.

Barney: Of course.

Tatiana: You look well. Is it weird they invited both of us?

Barney: Who? Who invited you? No one even know who you are!

Tatiana: I understand you're hurt, but, you don't have to be cruel. Carlos was right about you.

cruel 無慈悲な

Barney: Who is Carlos!?

Marshall: Okay, where the hell is my OHH! Okay, introduction to Contract Tort and Restitution Statues from 1865 to 1923...is not a coaster! Ted! I'm jeopardizing my law career so that you can throw not one, not two, but three parties for some girl that you just met who's probably not gonna show up. I mean where is she, Ted, huh? Where's Robin? Hi! Hi Robin.

jeopardize 危険にさらす

Robin: so you threw all these parties for me?

Ted: No! Oh you thought that oh, no! I okay yes. You got me one of the reasons I threw these parties was so that I could introduce you to uh this guy. I figured, you know, since it didn't work out between us and now we can just laugh about it Anyway Robin, this is.

Carlos: Carlos

Barney and Ted: Ohhh.

Ted: She's still talking to Carlos. I can still win this, it's not over.

Lily: Okay, buddy, time for the "tough talk". Robin seems great. But let's look at the facts, you wanna get married and right now there's a million women in New York looking for exactly you, but Robin ain't one of them.

tough talk 強気な発言

Ted: She's not just "one of them". she's the one.

Barney: Yeah well, "the one" is heading up to "the roof".

Marshall: What are you gonna do?

Ted: Nothing. It's a game, I gotta just keep playing it.

Robin: Hey.

Ted: Hey. Carlos, can you give us a minute?

Carlos: Hey, no sweat hombre.


Ted: Robin, look I didn't invite you to this party to set you up with Carlos. Or the one before that. Or the one before that. I threw these parties because I wanted to see you.

Robin: Well, here I am.

Ted: There's something here, look, unless I'm crazy.

Robin: you're not crazy. I don't know, Ted, I mean we barely know each other and you're looking at me with that look and it's like

Ted: Like what?

Robin: like let's fall in love, and get married and have kids and drive them to soccer practice.

Ted: I'm not gonna force sports on them unless they're interested.

Robin: It's a great look. But you're looking at the wrong girl.

Ted: No, I'm not.

Robin: Yes, you are. I don't wanna get married right now, maybe ever and if we got together I'd feel like I'd either have to marry you or break your heart and I just couldn't do either of those things. Just like you can't turn off the way you feel.

Ted: Click. Off. Let's make out.

make out イチャイチャする

Robin: What?

Ted: What? That was the off switch! And I turned it off. I mean, sure yes, I wanna fall in love, get married blah, blah, blah, but, on the other hand... you... me...the roof.

Robin: There's no off switch.

Ted: There is an off switch... and it's off.

Robin: no, it's not.

Ted: yes, it is.

Robin: No ...it's not.

Ted: Yes it is No it's not. You're right, there's no off switch. God I wish there was an off switch.

Robin: me too.

Ted: So what do we do now?

Robin: we could be friends

Ted: Oh

Robin: look, I know it sounds insincere when people say that but... we could.

insincere 不誠実な

Ted: I don't know, Robin. I made such a jackass out of myself here, every time we start hanging out it'll be like, "Oh that's right I'm a jackass."

jackass のろま 間抜け hagging out 持ちこたえる

Robin: You're not a jackass. I'm sorry. I only moved here in April and I'm always working and I just haven't met a lot of good people so far. But I understand.

so far 今のところ

Ted: Well uh maybe in a few months after it's not so fresh, we could all uh...you know, get a beer.

Robin: yeah. That sounds good. I'll see you, Ted.

Ted: Or, you know now. We could all get a beer now.

Robin: I'd like that.

Ted: My friends are gonna love you like you know, as a friend. Jackass.

Barney: Unbelievable. That is just a recipe for disaster, they work together

recipe for disaster 諸悪の根源

Ted: You jealous?

Barney: Oh, please, what does Carlos have that I don't?

Robin: a date tonight?

Marshall, Lily and Ted: Ohh!!

Lily: Stop the tape, rewind play it again.

Robin: a date tonight?

Mashall, Lily and Ted: Ohh!!

Barney: I'm not sure I like her.

Ted: Hey, don't you have a paper to write?

Marshall: Dude, you're talking to the kid.

Ted: I know it.

Marshall: I'm gonna knock back this beer. I'm gonna knock back one more beer. I'm gonna go home, I'm gonna write a twenty-five page paper. I'm gonna hand it in and I'm gonna get a A. My name is Rufus, and that's the Troofus.

knock back 一気に飲む hand in 提出する

Narrator: He got a B Minus. But still twenty five pages in one night, B minus? The kid was good.

Ted: At least let me buy you a beer. Come on I'll buy everyone a beer.

Robin: I'll help carry. You know something, Ted?

Ted: What?

Robin: You are a catch. You're gonna make some girl very happy, and I am going to help you find her.

Ted: Well, good luck. I mean maybe New York's just too big a town, you know? There's millions of people in this city. How in all this mess is a guy supposed to find the love of his life? I mean, where do you even begin?

Robin: Hi, Have you met Ted?

Ted: Hi, I'm Ted





違う違う。いや、実はそうなんだ。この男を君に紹介しようとこのパーティ開いたんだ。俺らの間でギクシャクしたものがあってから考えてた。一緒に笑い話にしたくて。こちらは、 カルロス。


スイッチオフにした。気持ちを切り替えた。確かに、恋して結婚して、なんとかかんとかだけど、一方で、君と俺はいま屋上にいる そんなオフスイッチなんてない。
不誠実に聞こえるだろうし、よく男女の友情はないなんて言われるけど、私たちなら大丈夫. わからないよロビン。俺はこんなに間抜けなんだ。毎回、自分が間抜けだって気付くまで耐えるんだ。

ビール飲んで、もう一杯ビール飲んで、家帰って、25ページものレポート書いて、提出して、A評価を得る。俺はルーファスだ。(たぶん言葉遊びだと思うけど、よくわからず) マーシャルのレポートはB-。25ページのレポートを一晩で仕上げてB-ならよくやった方だ。

ハイライトは"it's not so fresh”"にしとく。たぶん、話の流れからして落ち着いたら(フレッシュじゃなくなったら)だと思う。一般的に使うのかな?

もういくつかわからないところは、諦めた。英語の音遊びみたいなことろとか、"You are a catch" って何?とか。 jackassのくだりとか。