ハイライトは"It says there's an exception to every rule"



White Color(ホワイトカラー) シーズン1【原題】Pilot



What do you like?

What's special?

You haven't changed.

I've changed.


This is Burke.

It's Jones.

Caffrey's anklet activated.

activate 作動する

Is he with you?


I'm coming.

すぐに行く だけど、comeがgoの意味になるのが感覚的にわからない

No, I've got Diana on it.

We're pulling the locations.


El, I've gotta go.

Neal's outside his radius.

Agent Burke, are you still there?

Caffrey is with me.

Are you sure?

Yeah, yeah.

Good morning, honey.


You're on my couch?

couch ソファ

Yeah, I came to talk to you.

And, uh, frankly, Peter, I have to say I'm surprised you have such an amazing wife.

frankly 率直に I have to say いやあ、本当に

Yeah, I like her.

Get off my couch.

Honey, we're just chatting.


How did you get here?


You activated your tracker.

You're in my house on my couch with my wife.

Oh, hey, Satchmo.

Now you're petting my dog.

Did you really put Elizabeth under surveillance before you asked her out?

put A under surveillance Aを監視する ask A out Aをデートに誘う

Peter, I underestimated you.

underestimate 軽視する(甘く見る)

You told him?

He said he wanted to make sure that I wasn't seeing anybody else.

Honey, I think it's cute.

I think it's adorable.

adroable 魅力的

I'm putting you back in prison.

I know who the Dutchman is.

Enlighten me.

enlighten 明らかにする

Curtis Hagen.

He's an art restorer... one of the best in the world, but his own work never took off.

restorer 修復家 take off 上手くいく 売れる

He's particularly good at Goya restorations.

particularly 特に be good at 得意 restoration 修復

That's what this is, Peter.


The Bond is him showing off.

showing off 自信作

Interesting theory.

How do you prove it?

prove 証明する

He signed it.

I think we might have noticed a signature tucked in the corner.

tuck 差し込む

Show him.

Look at the pants on the Spanish peasant.

peasant 農民

What do you see?

It's the initials "C" and "H".

I don't know.

That's...that's a stretch.

This Bond is a masterpiece.

masterpiece 傑作

If I'd done something this good, I would have signed it.

The forgeries you caught me on, I signed them.


Look at the bank seal under polarized light sometime.

bank seal 銀行印

Hagen is doing a church restoration on third street.

We can stop by on our way in.

stop by on our way 立ち寄る


Meet me in the car.

I'm gonna say goodbye to my wife now.


It was nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you after all these years.

after all these years 数年越しで

This is it?


You can't come in.

We're closed for restoration.

Sorry, father.

Could we just...could we just have a moment?

Thank you.

Father...Please, father.

My best friend is having a crisis of the soul.

crisis 危機

He's a married man.

And he has the most devastatingly beautiful assistant at work...a very provocative woman.

devastatingly めちゃくちゃ at work 職場 provacative 興奮させる

He's been tempted.

More than tempted.I have details.

さらなる誘惑でもう少しで危ないってことみたいだけど、I have detailsがどうしてそうなるかは不明

It's very common with men his age.

Unfortunately, very common.

And I...I want to confront him about this before he tears apart his life.

confront 突きつける tears apart 引き裂かれる

He has a lot of faults.

I mean, don't get me started.

He is a mess.

mess とんでもない男

But he's very spiritual.

I know this is the place where my words will have the most effect.

This is the City of Churches.

We're closed.

Surely, there's another place.

This is where he was married.

Five minutes.

Oh, thank you.

Thank you, father.

Sorry about that.

We got five.

Did you just lie to a priest?

Do you think Diana's attractive?

attractie 魅力的


Then we're good.



Real nice.

So, if this Hagen...guy is as good as you say...how come I've never heard of him?

How come = whyだけど、ニュアンスは違うらしい

You only know the guys who get caught.

You know the second-best criminals.

second-best 二流

What's that say about you?

It says there's an exception to every rule.


Look..."C" and "H".


Right here.

Right there.

"C" "H".


What do you mean, maybe?

That's a "C" and an "H".

Can I help you, gentlemen?

Your face...it's familiar.

familiar 見覚えがある

Maybe I've seen it on the news or perhaps on a "most wanted" web page?

Neal Caffrey.

Forgive me if I don't shake hands with an art thief.

forgive me if 〜だったらごめん

I was never arrested for art theft.

Not arrested, but, as I recall, you're known as quite the renaissance criminal.

as I recall 思い出したぞ quite 得意

So you can understand my concern at having you in my space.

you can understand 分かってくれ concern 懸念

And you are...?

Just a friend.

Well, friend...

This church is closed.

Did you see it?


Okay, you've got me curious.


We'll check him out.

Listen to the spirit, son, not the flesh.

flesh 体

I'll do that.

What's...that about?

モジー登場 ピーターがニールに相談



"I'm coming" 今から行くがcomeなのに違和感あるけど、このあたりはフィーリングかな?日本語だって自分の使い方がおかしいし。
"I've gotta go" けど、エリザベスに告げる時は、go で出かけることになったと。先のブログでもあった通り、話し相手に合わせる感じなのかな?
話し相手の方に向かう時はcome 話し相手から離れる時はgo って感じか。
"Enlighten me" 証明してみろとか話してみろとかって感じで、どっかで使えそう。
"take off"には売れるとかと言う意味もあるらしい。腕はいいけど、売れていない修復家。be good at はダイアナの時も出てきた頻出ワード。
エリザベスから"Show him"と言う発言。特にピーターからツッコミは無かったけど、ニールはエリザベスにそんなことも話してたんだ。
"It was nice to meet you" は、初めましてと言うよりも、会えてよかった。って感じかな。

牧師さんにうそをついたのか?とピーター。"Do you think Diana's attractive?" ダイアナって魅力的だよね?なら嘘は言ってないとニール。
"How come" は why。日本語ほどではないにしろ、英語も同じ意味で全く違う単語ってあるなあと。
でも、ニールの切り替えしで"It says there's an exception to every rule." 何事にも例外がある。
"Forgive me if" 〜だったらごめん。って表現も使えそう。
"as I recall" も独り言で使えそう。
"you've got me curious" 好奇心を抱かせた→興味を持った "Listen to the spirit, son, not the flesh" 肉体ではなく心の声を聴きなさい。
"I'll do that." そうします。
"What's...that about?" なんのことだ?

ハイライトは"It says there's an exception to every rule" 何にでも例外ってものがあると言われている。 日常会話でも使えそうだけど、これって負け惜しみ感強いよな〜。