ハイライトは"It's a little out of my price range"




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Royal Ossetra caviar.

This is gonna be perfect.

Neal, I just found springbank.


I got a Garioch scotch over here.


No, '58.

Oh, grab the case.

grab 自分のものにする つかみ取る

All right, come on, we gotta itemize all this.

itemize 個条書きにする

It's four bottles of scotch.

36 tins of ossetra.


Booze and fish eggs.

You got that?

"You got that right"は、その通り。なので、わかった?って感じかな。


Drop the watch, convict.

convict 囚人

We're not on a shopping spree.

shopping spree 爆買い

No, it wasn't for me.

It was for you.

Oh, thank you, but there's nothing wrong with my old watch.

there's nothing wrong with 〜には全く問題がない

Honey, actually, that looks great on you.

look good on you 似合ってる

Ah, It's a little out of my price range.


There's nothing wrong with enjoying the good things in life, Peter.


Then why do they always seem to end up in here?

end up 結局〜になる

Okay, so, we've got the alcohol and the food covered.

Now we just need the venue.

venue 会場

Don't worry.

I got that covered.

It's a loft.

Seized in a DEA bust.

Seized 押収する DEA 麻薬取締局 bust〔麻薬取引場所の〕手入れ、急襲、逮捕

1,500 square feet, service elevator...it's perfect.

square feet 平方フィート service elevator 業務エレベーター

Is that chalk outline?

I'm sure they've cleaned that up by now.

by now 今頃は

It has everything you need.

Yeah, if five drunk frat buddies show up.

frat fraternity 兄弟関係、同業者仲間 酔っぱらった5人組みたいな感じかな?

Aren't you supposed to be lining up supermodels?

line up 手配する お前が手配することにっているスーパーモデルの方はどうなんだ?

Ah, 64 and counting.

Oh, Neal Caffrey throws a party, and 64 supermodels show up.

Oh, no, sorry, my mistake.

My mistake.

65, actually.

These two are twins.

Is that another one of your supermodels?

No, it's just a friend.

He's got a place we can use.

You think your friend's place is better than mine?

Okay, it's better than mine.



It's a lot better than mine.

Honey, I am really impressed with this place.

impressed with 〜に感銘を受ける

I mean, I could have a state dinner up here.

state dinner 晩さん会 up here hereにdown や upをつけることで高さを表現

How did you pull that off?

pull off 上手くやる Maybe I can pull this off. 何とかなるかもしれない

He has a source.

But good luck trying to pry it out of him.

"good luck 〜ing"頑張って〜してね。 pry A out of B AをBから探り出す(詮索する)

Hmm, sounds like fun.

I'll work on him later.

work on 取り掛かる

She'll work on you later.

Okay, guys, I got 20 minutes to get fiber optics in play.


I want a camera on every single entrance and exit, starting with that one right there.

starting with まずは


Let's go.


You're definitely in the right place.

definitely 間違いなく

You're also a little early.

And you must be Neal Caffrey.

I am.

Would you mind waiting inside for a little bit?

"Would you mind 〜してもらえませんか?

Actually, I think I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be.


Then let me escort you downstairs, at least.

You know, I gotta say, I expected a little more.

I got to say いや〜

I mean, you're charming enough, but

Who invited you, again?

The agency.

I thought you were a model.

And I thought you were supposed to be one of the smart ones.

smart ones 切れ者

Neal, this is Agent Lauren Cruz.

I just had her transferred over.

transferred over 異動

She's gonna be keeping an eye on you tonight.

So, where do you keep your gun?

第一発見者 タラ パーティー



"itemize" は、箇条書き。聞きなれてそうだけど、初耳の単語。
tin = can tinは英 canは米って書いてたけどエリザベスはイギリス系なのだろうか?
booze と alcohol boozeはスラングでフォーマルな会話では使われないとか。
腕時計を見ていたニールに、ピーターが"Drop the watch, convict.We're not on a shopping spree." 時計をもどせ。買い物に来たんじゃないぞ。と。
"No, it wasn't for me.It was for you." でも、ピーターは、"Oh, thank you, but there's nothing wrong with my old watch." 今使ってる時計で何の問題もないんだ。"there's nothing wrong with〜" は、いろんなところで使えそう。
"look good on" 似合ってる。
"It's a little out of my price range." これは、ちょっと予算オーバーだなとかってときに使える。お店で値段聞いた時とかにも使えるかな?

"It's a lot better than mine." ピーターも負けを認める良い会場が見つかる。
経緯を知らないエリザベスは、"I am really impressed with this place.How did you pull that off?" と質問。pull offは、〔困難な状況の中で〕〜をうまくやり通す "good luck 〜ing" "good luck with" は、〜を頑張って。pry out of 〜から詮索する "good luck trying to pry it out of him" 頑張って彼から聞き出してよ。
"I'll work on him later" あとでやってみるわ。

会場にモデル風の女性を見つけたニールが、"You're definitely in the right place.You're also a little early." 会場はここでいいんだけど、ちょっと来るの早かったねと話しかける。
"Would you mind waiting inside for a little bit?" "Would you mind taking a picture?" 写真撮ってもらえませんか? だけど、返事は、"NO" Would you mind は、〜するの嫌じゃないですか?ってことらしい。わかりずら!なんか日本語ぽい。なので、No problemとかって答えるのが良いのだそうだ。
"be supposed to"が頻出。会話の中でこれ使われるのがこんなに多いなんて。
"thought" の発音がイマイチわからん。ソートとかトートとかもうちょっと濁ってる気もする。
実際は、ダイアナが別のドラマに出ることになったとかで、代役として登場することになったとか。そして、シーズン1の終わりの方で、ダイアナが復帰して、 ローレンはそこまでみたいな流れに。
ダイアナはprobationary agentだから、次の研修先にでも行ったのかなと思ってたけど、裏事情があったようです。

ハイライトは"It's a little out of my price range" これは、買い物で値段を聞いた時とかに使えそう。 他にも、"there's nothing wrong with" や "good luck 〜ing" "Would you mind" "be supposed to" とか重要ワードが頻出でした。