ハイライトは"That makes sense"




White Color(ホワイトカラー) シーズン1【原題】Threads

I don't know who this Ghovat is.

You don't know his name?


Not even by rumor?

even by 〜によってさえ

My world is fashion.

We both know we're not talking about fashion.

I have a show this evening I must be prepared for.

That's on hold.


You have no reason for any of this.

Actually, I do.

Can you explain why one of your designs showed up at my murder scene?

You're the police.

You tell me.

Whatever you did resulted in the death of two people.

whatever いったい何が(whatの強調) result in をもたらす

And if I didn't do it, my son would be dead also.

All right, what happened?

A few hours before my team and I are to leave Tel Aviv, my wife calls, tells me that they have my son.

Ghovat kidnapped your child?

kidnapped 誘拐した

And then I was told to clear my shop and wait for instructions.

instructions 指示

And then he showed up, told me I had to smuggle something into the States for him.

What was that something?

All I know is that it was in the dress.

All I know is that 私が知っていることと言えば

That's it.

After we cleared U.S. Customs, I heard from my wife that my son is returned to us.

All right, look, two people are dead because of whatever you helped bring in the country.

Is there anything you can tell me about it?


I can show you the real dress.

That's it.

I always make two dresses.

I didn't tell him he took the wrong one.

That makes sense.


Dmitri shows up to get the dress from Ghovat and finds out it's a fake.

They struggle, Ghovat manages to make it out alive.

struggle 取っ組み合う make out alive 生き残る

So why kill him and bring all that heat?

heat 興奮

He's trying to salvage the deal but can't if Dmitri is running around telling everybody the technology is no good.

What do you think is on this thing?

Could be launch codes, covert I.D. , the formula for new coke...who knows?

launch codes 起動コード covert 極秘の formula for レシピ

But our technology guys will have an answer for us by tomorrow morning.

I don't know.

Something that valuable... there's no way Ghovat's gonna pack it up and go home.

there's no way どうすることもできない pack it up 荷造りする

I've got a thought.


Let's take our thread and go fishing.

How could you be so stupid?

How could you be so なぜそんなに〜なんだ

Ghovat, please, you have to believe me.

I didn't know what you wanted me to do.

You... you didn't want me to know.

Where's the dress now?

It's gone.

I sold it.

You sold the dress?

My dress?

Someone made an offer ahead of the show.

ahead of 〜の前に

He bought it for his fiance.

How much did he pay?

$50, 000.

Who did you sell it to?

How long will we have to keep this up?

keep it up 頑張る

Just long enough to get noticed.

Just long enough 〜までだ

You're doing great, Tara.

I'll be doing better once this is over.

once this is over これが終わってからすぐ

That dress really does look fantastic on you.

If only I could wear it on a runway.

If only ただ〜でさえあればいいのに

There's nothing to say you won't someday.


Can I get you a drink?

Can I と May I

New watch?


Excuse me, sir?

This just arrived for you.


I recognize you from the party.

I recognize you 見覚えがある from にちょっと違和感

Who is this?

I saw you steal Dmitri's phone.

Yeah, I was trying to eliminate the competition.

eliminate 取り除く competition 競争相手

Guess it worked.


So you know what you have?

I know exactly what I got.

You paid $50, 000 for the dress.

I'll give you $5 million.

Aw, my fiance loves it so much, how about we make it 10?

Do you know who you're talking to?

This is Steve, right?

I tried to be nice.


I tried to give you a choice.


尾行 取引前

go fishing


ドレスのデザイナーにゴバートを知らないか確認。"Not even by rumor"うわさも聞いたことないか?
"We both know we're not talking about fashion." ファッションの話じゃないことはわかってるよな。
"All I know is that" 私が知っていることと言えば。何気にこれ難しい。語順?isの位置ががこれであってるか不安になる。
"Is there anything you can tell me about it?" の問いに"I can show you the real dress." ゴバートは間違ったドレスをディミトリに渡してディミトリとstruggleして、ゴバートがmake out aliveしたのだろうと。
本物にも偽もにもThread メモリがあったことから、Tread自体はデザイナーの持ち物だし。4G程度の情報をなぜにドレスに仕込んだ?
"I've got a thought."考えがある。"Let's take our thread and go fishing." threadだから、釣りと言ったのか、業界用語なのかは不明。

"How could you be so stupid" なぜそんなばかなことをしたんだ。罵る時に使えそうだけど、使う状況には遭遇したくない。
"please, you have to believe me" 信じてくれってことなんだろうけど、お願いするときに have to って違和感。

"That dress really does look fantastic on you." really does の2重の強調 "There's nothing to say you won't someday." いつかできるよなんて言う必要はない。だけど、これて発言者によって意味変わりそう。だって絶対無理だよ。って取れなくもない発言。
"I recognize you from the party" from the partyのfromに違和感。atな気がするけど、fromらしい。
ゴバートから電話があり、ドレスを買い戻したいと。5millionでどうだ? 10millionなら良いよ。

ハイライトは"That makes sense" なるほど かな。これは独り言でも使えそう。 他にも、"Make sense?" わかりますか?"It doesn't make sense." おかしいなぁ、変だなぁ "You are not making any sense!" "めちゃくちゃ言うなあ" とか自然に出てくれば素敵。