ハイライトは"I know this is a long shot"




How I met your mother シーズン1【原題】Pilot

Marshall: I'm sorry, Lily. I'm so sorry. Take us to the hospital.

Cabdriver: Whoa, whoa, whoa, did you hit her?

Lily: Hit me? Please, this guy could barely even spank me in bed for fun. He's all like, "Oh, did that hurt?" and I'm like, "Come on, let me have it you pansy!" Wow, complete stranger.

barely かろうじで〜する spank お尻への平手打ち pansy 女々しい stranger 変質者

Cabdriver: no, no, no, no, it's okay, go on. So, these spankings are...you in pajamas or au natural.


Ted: So what do you do?

"what do you do?" 仕事を聞くときに使う。

Robin: I'm a reporter for Metro News 1.

Ted: Oh.

Robin: Well, kind of a reporter. I do those dumb little fluff pieces at the end of the news, you know. Like, um, monkey who can play the ukulele. I'm hoping to get some bigger stories soon.

dumb ばかな fluff 綿毛 piece 一かけら レポーターと言っても、ニュースの終わりのちょっとしたワンコーナーだけ。お猿さんがウクレレ弾いてるようなもの。すぐにでも大きな仕事したいとは思ってるけど。

Ted: Bigger like, uh, gorilla with an upright bass? Sorry, you're really pretty. Oh, your friends don't seem too happy.


Robin: Yeah, see, the one in the middle just got dumped by her boyfriend so tonight every guy is... "The enemy".

get dumped フラれる エアクォーツダブルクォートを指で表現して強調

Ted: You know if it'll make your friend feel better you could throw a drink at my face. I don't mind.

Robin: She would love that! It does look fun in the movies.

Ted: Hey, you wanna have dinner with me Saturday night?

Robin: Oh, I can't. I'm gonna Orlando for a week on Friday. Some guys attempting to make the world's biggest pancake. Guess who's covering it?

Ted: That's gonna take a week?

Robin: Yeah, he's gonna eat it too, it's another record.

Friend: Hey, what's taking so long?

Ted: Uh, I know this is a long shot, but how about tomorrow night?

long shot 大ばくち I know this is a long shot ダメ元なんだけど

Robin: Yeah, What the hell JERK! that was fun.

Barney: De wait for it nied! Denied!

Ted: We're going out tomorrow night.

Barney: I thought we were playing laser tag tomorrow night?

Ted: Yeah, I was never going to go play laser tag.

Narrator: The next night, I took her out to this little bistro in Brooklyn.

Robin: Wow that is one bad ass blue French horn.

bad ass すげー

Ted: Yeah.

Robin: Mhmm.

Ted: Sort of looks like a... Smurf penis.

Narrator: Son, a piece of advice. When you go on a first date you really don't wanna say "smurf penis". Girls don't ordinarily like that. But this was no ordinary girl.

Marshall: Lilly?

Lily: How long have you been sitting there!? Stupid eye patch.

Ted: Mom, dad, I have found the future Mrs. Ted Mosby! Marshall, how have I always described my perfect woman?

describe 説明する

Marshall: Oh let's see she likes dogs?

Robin: I've got five dogs.

Marshall:...she drinks scotch?

Robin: I love a scotch. that's old enough to order its own scotch.

old enough to 〜しても良い年頃 that's old enough to order its own scotch. ボトルキープしても良い位って感じか?

Marshall: Can quote obscure lines from "Ghost busters"?

obscure 覆い隠す ゴーストバスターズのセリフと何も見ないで言えるか

Robin: Ray, when someone asks you if you're a god you say, "Yes!"

Ted: And I'm saving the best for last.

the best for last とっておき

Robin: Do you want these? I hate olives.

Marshall: She hates olives! Awesome!

Lily: The olive theory.

Ted: The olive theory is based on my friends, Marshall and Lily. He hates olives, she loves them. In a weird way that's what makes them such a great couple. A Perfect balance .

In a weird way 変な話だけど

Robin: You know, I've had a jar of olives just sitting in my fridge forever.

a jar of 瓶いっぱいの

Ted: I can take them off your hands.

Robin: they're all yours.

Marshall: Oh, it is on! It is on till the break of dawn.

till the break of dawn 夜明けまで

Lily: wait, it's only the break of ten thirty. What happened?

only the break of 〜を過ぎたところ

Robin: I've gotta get one of those blue French horns for over my fireplace. It's gotta be blue, it's gotta be French.

fireplace 暖炉

Ted: No Green Clarinet?

Robin: No.

Ted: Come on, no purple tuba?

Robin: It's a smurf penis, or no dice.

Producer: there you are! We've got a jumper! Some crazy guy on the Manhattan Bridge. Come on, you're covering it!

"there you are" こんなところにいた。jumper 飛び降り cover 報道する

Robin: Um, alright. I'll be right there. I'm sorry. I had a really great time tonight.

Ted: Yeah.

Marshall: So? Did you kiss her?

Ted: No. The moment wasn't right. Look, this woman could be my future wife. I want our first kiss to be amazing.

Lily: Aww, Ted that's so sweet. So you chickened out like the little bitch.

chickene out おじけづくbitch 嫌な女

Ted: What? I did not chicken out! You know what? I don't need to take first kiss advice from some pirate who hasn't been single since the first week of college.

Lily: Ted, anyone who's single would tell you the same thing. Even the dumbest single person alive, and if you don't believe me...call him.

person alive 〜な人

Barney: Hey loser, how's not playing laser tag? Because playing laser tag is awesome! Oh, I killed you Connor. don't make me get your mom!

Ted: Hey, listen. I need your opinion on something.

Barney: Okay, meet me at the bar in fifteen minutes AND SUIT UP!

Ted: So these guys think I chickened out. What do you think?

Barney: I can't believe you're still not wearing a SUIT!

Ted: She didn't even give me the signal.

Barney: What is she gonna bat her eyes at you in Morse code? Ted Kiss me, No, you just kiss her!

bat ぱちくりする

Ted: Not if you don't get the signal.

Not if もしそうでないなら〜しない

Barney: Did Marshall give me the signal?

Marshall: No! I didn't, I swear.

Barney: But see at least, tonight, I get to sleep knowing, Marshall and Me... never going to happen. You should've kissed her.

get to sleep knowing 寝る時にわかる

Ted: Urgh, I should've kissed her. What about when she gets back from Orlando?

what about と how about

Barney: A week? That's like a year in hot girl time. She'll forget all about you. Mark my words:you will never see that one again.

in hot girl 盛り期 Mark my words 覚えておけよ

Ted: There she is...

Lily: Ooo. She's cute! Hey Carl, turn it up!

Robin: ...persuaded him to reconsider at which point the man came down off the ledge, giving this bizarre story a happy ending. Reporting from

persuade 説得する bizarre 奇妙な

Marshall: Huh, guy didn't jump

Robin: Metro One News, back to you bill.

Ted: I'm gonna go kiss her. Right now.

Marshall: Oh Dude, it's midnight. As your future lawyer I'm goanna advise you. That's freakin' crazy!

Ted: I never do anything crazy! I'm always waiting for the moment! Planning the moment! Well she's leaving tomorrow and this may be the only moment I'm gonna get! I gotta do what that guy couldn't, I gotta take the leap! Okay not a perfect metaphor, cause for me it's fall in love and get married and for him it's... death.

take the leap ぴょんと飛ぶ metaphor 例え

Barney: Actually, that is a perfect metaphor. By the way, did I congratulate you two?

congratulate 祝う

Ted: I'm doing this.

Lily: Let's go

Marshall: Word up!


Lily: We're coming with you.


Barney: Alright, but under one condition.

2005年出会い シグナル




"The enmy"のところで、ロビンがピースの指を折り曲げるポーズ。これは、ダブルクォートを意味してエアクォーツと呼ばれるらしい。






ハイライトは、"I know this is a long shot" ダメ元なんだけど。 全体的に日本語に訳すのはわりと簡単かな?バーニーのボケとか細かなところで分からないところが出てくるけど、全体の内容はつかめる。 完全字幕なしでも30%位は聞き取れてる気がする。たぶん。