ハイライトは"I'm just wondering where I'll be"




White Color(ホワイトカラー) シーズン1【原題】Threads

Nothing on the phone.

It's a burner.

burner 電話番号の使い捨てサービス

You can pick up one of these at any corner deli.


It's clean.

Agent Burke.

What's up?

We had two plain clothes taking Tara home.

plain clothes 私服警官

Somebody got to them about a half-hour ago.

Got to them how?

Blasted the car to hell.

blast 爆破する(銃撃する)

Fortunately, our guys were wearing vests.

What about Tara?

They grabbed her, got away clean.

grab 捕らえる

I have your girl.

What's the dress worth to you now?


So, now what?


You want the girl, I want the dress.


Where and when?

I'm not interested in meeting with you.

Then who?

Agent Peter Burke.

Why him?

Because it's really the FBI that holds the dress.

Is he there now?

It's for you.

This is Burke.

Yes, I'm sure you heard everything earlier.

earlier 前に(最初から全部聞いてたんだろ?)

You want me to make the exchange.

That's right.

I won't waste my time telling you to come alone.

won't = will not

Just make sure to bring the real dress.

If it's not, are you gonna make me eat it?

That's funny.

Keep this phone on you.

You'll meet me at the Central Park bandshell tomorrow afternoon at 4:00 p.m.

bandshell 野外音楽堂

Plenty of time for you to get your men into position.

plenty of たくさんの

You have to let me go to the exchange.

It's my fault Tara is in trouble.

I'm the one who paraded her around town in that dress.

parade 見せびらかす

The best thing you can do is help me figure out what Ghovat's game plan is.

He knows we're gonna have the place staked out.

stake out 張り込ませる

He knows you're running a playbook.

playbook 戦略

Right, so I'm gonna toss the old one, come up with a new one.

toss 言い合いをする come up with 考え出す


No, you don't.

That's the point.

See, he's counting on the FBI to have a plan.

count on 予想する(期待する)

So I do nothing?

Roll with it.

流れに合わせる アドリブ

Like you would?

If he expects you to havea plan, don't have one.

Oh, that's the worst idea ever.

ever かってない

Prepare all you can.


Just know it's all gonna change.

What would you do?

I'd go home and have dinner with my wife.

You meet this guy in Central Park and you give him the dress and he gives you the girl?

That's about the size of it.


I'm really glad you got into the White-Collar Crime Division, where nothing exciting happens.

It's... it's pretty dull stuff.

dull stuff たいくつなこと


Um, I got you another present.

Honey, not another one.

I...I'm enjoying my first one.


it's my old watch.

But I...


I love my new one.

Come on, honey, it's...it's big, it's clunky, it moves around your wrist, and... I mean, it's beautiful, but...it's not you.

clunky カッコ悪い

Take this.

I need you to be Agent Peter Burke tomorrow.

And this...this is you.

Besides, um, when all this is over with, I need you home at 6:00 right on the dot.

besides それに加えて on the dot 時間通りに

Thank you.

And Ghovat wants the dress because it's been tagged with a security device.

tag with くっつく(商品タグをイメージ)

We cracked the thread this morning.

It's holding the holographic code of the latest European currency seal.

We're using a counterfeit code.

We're hoping he won't be able to tell the difference.

But if he does, this could go south fast.

go south fast 上手くいかなくなる 失敗だ

We're putting this girl's life at risk.

put A at risk Aを危険にさらす

We could put the entire monetary system of Europe at risk.

entire 全体の

Guess who wins.

I'll be running point... we've have eyes in the air, plain clothes on the ground.

run point 指揮を執る

Cruz, Jones, you're with me.

Burke, you know what you got to do.

Caffrey, put your hand down.

Put it down!

I'm just wondering where I'll be.

I'm just wondering どうしようか悩んでいる

On a coffee run.

go on a coffee run. make on a coffee run. コーヒーでも買いに行ってろ

You're not even supposed to be here.


Any questions?

Then let's get into position.

ゴバートと接触 犯人確保



そこに、ゴバートから電話があり、"What's the dress worth to you now?" ドレスにまだ価値はあるか?
"I won't waste my time telling you to come alone." 一人で来いなんて時間の無駄なことは言わない。
"Just make sure to bring the real dress." ドレスを持ってきてくれさえすれば良い。
"If it's not, are you gonna make me eat it?" ドレスを口に突っ込む気だな?と "That's funny." これなんかもつかえる。おもしろい。
"Plenty of time for you" plenty of 主観的とか客観的とかとっさに判断できんし。

"The best thing you can do is help me figure out what Ghovat's game plan is." ゴバートがどう仕掛けてくるか考えてくれ。
"He knows you're running a playbook." 俺らがいろんな戦略練ってくるのをわかってるはず。
"Right, so I'm gonna toss the old one, come up with a new one." だから、お前に新しいのを考え出して欲しい。
"That's the point." そう。それ!これなんかもつかえる。
"Roll with it" 流れに合わせるんだ。

"I'm really glad you got into the White-Collar Crime Division, where nothing exciting happens." 知的犯罪ユニットにはいって、危険なことがなくなると喜んでたのに。
"It's pretty dull stuff." dull stuff たいくつなこと。だとなんかイマイチだな〜。

気付かれると、"this could go south fast" 株価が急落とかでgo south fastを使うらしい。
"I'm just wondering where I'll be." I'm just wondering if you couldちょっと控えめな表現をしたいときに用いると良いらしい。

ハイライトは"I'm just wondering where I'll be."かな。私はどうすればいいですか? "I was just wondering if you could pick me up at the airport" と言うと「空港に迎えにきていただけないかなと思ったのですが・・・」となるらしいですが、日本人ぽい表現ですね。まわりくどいと言うか。訳し方が日本語ぽくしてるだけか。