ハイライトは"You got it"



White Color(ホワイトカラー) シーズン1【原題】Pilot

Remember when you told me not to look for Kate?

remenber when you told me 〜って言ったこと覚えてる?〜って言ったよな?


Neal, you're putting me in a tough spot here.

put A in a tough spot Aを困難な状況に陥れる

These were taken four days ago at a San Diego ATM.

She's going under the name Kate Perdue.

go under the name 〜と名乗る

You know what "perdue" means in French?


It means "lost".


Makes you wonder, right?

Is she lost to me or without me?

Stop it.

I just need a couple days, okay?

A... after this Dutchman thing is over.

A couple days to go to San Diego.

You could send an agent with me.

You can come with me.

Stop it! How many times are you gonna screw up your life for this girl?

screw up 台無しにする

I hate to break it to you, buddy, but she dumped you...with prejudice.

I hate to break it to you 言いたくないけど、dump ふる prejudice 嫌悪感

Exactly what is your plan if you find her?

I know there's more to our story, okay?

She disappears in the dust...No, that's not an ending.

Come on, man.

We've all been there.


It gets easier.


Not if she's the one.

not if notの前にit'sを補うとわかりやすいかも。とのことで、違うんだ。彼女は特別なんだ。って感じかな?

I brought this to you.

Doesn't that count for something?

count for something 重要である 価値がある → 意味がなかったと言うことかい


We made a deal.

make a deal 取引する

I gave you something good here, and you're about to blow it.

about to まさに〜しようとする blow 台無しにする


You're right.

You're right, Peter.

I'm a smart guy.

I should know when I've been dumped.

You figure out your anniversary plans yet?

I'm getting close... very close.


So you got nothing?


But I'll find it.

Hey, um... I'm gonna go grab a smoke really quick.

go grab a smoke タバコを吸いに行く

Didn't know you smoked.

Ah, it's a nasty prison habit.

nasty habit 悪習慣

I've been trying to quit.

Jones, keep an eye on him.


Bum one from you?

bum めぐむ

These things will kill you.

That's what I keep hearing, but I'm not dead yet.


But these filters...They're good.

Not for me, you understand.

I tear them off.

tear off 裂く

You need a light?

You should try the patch.

Two years and counting, my friend.

and counting 〜ずっと

I hate the tan lines.

tan lines 日焼けライン

You don't smoke.

What was I supposed to do...fire off a flare?


So, you tear off the filter?


But I'm hard-core.

I found my bottle.

I found Hagen.

You first.

This is a warehouse down by the docks.

warehouse 倉庫 dock 埠頭 down は少し下に降りた場所

Hagen runs it through a shell corporation out of Guatemala.

shell corporation トンネル会社

We didn't know about this.

How did you?

I don't think you rely on rumor as much as I do.

rely on 頼りにする rumor うわさ

Let's go.

Do you hear that?

You hear that?

Hear what?

Kind of rhythmic "ssh, ssh".

That's a press.

Damn it, Peter.

That is a printing press.

He's printing the bonds in there right now.

You can hear it.

How long till they're done?


A multicolor print job as complicated as the Goya... test proofs, ink formulation, perfect registration... he'll be running it for days.

complicated 複雑 formulation 配合 registration 位置


Yeah, boss.

I need recording equipment down here immediately.

You got it.

依頼を了解した時は You got it. 理解した時は I got it.

Come on.

I'm on board.

I'm on board 支持する。その話に乗る

Hagen is our guy.

But we still don't have enough for a warrant.

warrant 令状

We know the bonds are there.

Just open the door.


Well, you should read this... "Warrant law".

All I've got is sound coming out of a warehouse and no way to link him to the Bond.

no way to 〜のしようがない

I've gotta talk to your friend.


Come on, Neal.

The guy who gave you a cigarette.

I have no...

What...you think Jones is an idiot?

idiot バカ

I have to know how he connected Hagen to the warehouse.

Come on, Neal.

And you gotta trust me.



I'll bring you to him... first thing tomorrow.

first thing tomorrow 明日の朝一


ピーターがニールに相談 ニールが脱走



"remenber when you told me" 〜って言ったこと覚えてる?〜って言ったよな?って意味で、敬語・タメ口とか日本語ほど複雑ではないからか、 話し方で聞き手のとらえ方が変わるんだろう。
"you're putting me in a tough spot here" put A in a tough spot Aを困難な状況に陥れる toughって便利な言葉の一つな気がする。
"go under the name" 〜と名乗る "You know what "perdue" means in French?" これなんかも意外と使い勝手が良さそう。
日本語の弥生って英語で何か知ってる?"You know what "Yahoi" means in Japanease?" "It means "March"." ニールがピーターにケートの居場所が分かったから、この事件が解決したら、サンディエゴに行こうと持ち掛けます。
"How many times are you gonna screw up your life for this girl?" しかし、何度この子に人生むちゃくちゃにされれば気がすむんだ。
"I hate to break it to you" 言いたくないけど。このフレーズも使える。
"Exactly what is your plan if you find her?" 会ってどうするつもりだ?
"We've all been there. It gets easier." 誰もが経験することなんだ。時間が解決してくれるってかんじかな?
"I brought this to you. Doesn't that count for something?" あなただから相談したのに、意味がなかったってことかい?

"grab a smoke" "grab a coffee" とかgrabが使われる "That's what I keep hearing, but" 以前から聞いてるけど "Two years and counting" 2年前から継続して "What was I supposed to do" どうすればよかった?

"rumor" うわさ "How long till" 〜までどのくらい?
"You got it" "I got it" わかった。ってときは、I got it. 依頼を受けてかしこまりましたってときは、You got it "I'm on board" 支持する。その話にのっかる。
"no way to" 〜する方法がない ニールがモジーから情報を得て、ヘイガンの居所が分かったとピーターに報告。

ハイライトは"You got it" "I got it"とうまく使い分けられるとかっこ良さそうだから。 でも、相手がこの違いを分かっていないと、失敗します。 え?!私がやるんですか?って言われてしまった。 他にも、"remenber when you told me" "I hate to break it to you" "That's what I keep hearing, but" "I'm on board" とかも使いどころはありそう。