ƒnƒCƒ‰ƒCƒg‚Í"from the moment I met you, I could tell you're a man of refined tastes."

— Ř‚č


White Color(ƒzƒƒCƒgƒJƒ‰[) ƒV[ƒYƒ“2yŒ´‘čzPrisoner's Dilemma

I guess it's put your C.I. to work day.

This way.

Pretend you know me.

Give me a reason.

I've given your sweetheart safe passage, and in about two minutes, we're gonna clear his name.

passage ’Ę˜H

They got to be talking about Burke and Franklin.

Excuse me, guys, I got to take this. This is Neal.

Hey. Are you with Deckard?

Yeah, yeah.

Are you there, sir?

I am.

Who that?

Tell him it's Bancroft.

It's Bancroft.

Diana should be with Stan Volker.

Yeah. Uh-huh. That's correct.

Give me the phone.

Look, I think Deckard wants to speak with you.

Caffrey, you still there?

Did you lose him?

It's Deckard, sir.


Put Caffrey back on.

Yes, sir.

I'm back.


Have you ever run a prisoner's dilemma?

I've been in one.

Well, now's your chance to run it on a U.S. marshal. You clear on what to do?

Crystal clear. Thank you, sir.

What's going on?

Just follow my lead.

Stan 1 was stolen earlier today and apparently taken on quite a joy ride.

They thought they could bring it here for parts.

What are they doing in there?

I think you know what they're doing in there.

That's it. Who did this?

We have them in custody, Mr.Volker. Don't worry.

Well, they're gonna pay.

Just need your signature... If you could read over this statement for me. I think you'll find everything's in order.

Volker's cutting a deal with the FBI. He's selling you out. Yep, there it is... a signed confession. See, once you showed up at Volker's office, he knew it was only a matter of time before you turned on him. He made a deal.

Come on, Deckard. Don't make it harder than it is.

There is one more thing.

What is this all about?

Deckard says you paid off an FBI agent to intimidate and kill witnesses in federal trials.

intimidate `‚đ‹­—v‚ˇ‚é

You're looking at 25 to life... Unless you start talking.

Deckard came up with the whole thing. What do you want to know about him?

Give it up.

Stay back!

Hands up, Deckard! It's over.

Put the gun down on the ground!

You realize the grief you caused me with Bancroft when you fled?

grief ‹ę”Y

Being on this side of a manhunt isn't all peaches and dandelions, is it?

It Beats being led away in cuffs.

Good working with you, Deckard.

How'd it go?

They've cleared Franklin of all charges. Bancroft's reinstating him into the white collar division. That's great work, everyone. Let's get some rest. Neal... Good work.

reinstate •œE‚ł‚š‚é

Thank you.

I'll be headed home, too. Won't be going to the Powell today, 'cause, you know, it's outside my radius. Please?

Thanks for playing last night, Moz.

Oh, the follow-the-leader stuff? That was child's play. The reason I'm calling now is because I've obtained some information since then.

follow-the-leader ^Ž—‚Á‚ą—V‚Ń

What'd you find?

I know who Kate called from the plane. It was the FBI agent who set up the deal between you and Kate.

Garrett Fowler. Now I need to find him.


I'll get right back to you.


Come here. You planning on seeing this?

Well, yeah, I was, but, you know, it's out of my range and...

Uh-huh. I've wanted to see this thing since it opened. Let's go.

You know, from the moment I met you, I could tell you're a man of refined tastes.

a man of refined tastes •——Źl

Oh, I know, hon. I'll be home. 15 minutes, tops. Oh, I can't wait, either. Just a few hours sleep, and I'll be yours all day... And night.





î•ń‰Ž‚đ“­‚Š‚š‚é“ú‚ž‚Č‚ B

‰´‚Í‚ ‚ń‚˝‚Ě—öl‚ɈŔ‘S‚Č’Ę˜H‚đ—^‚Ś‚˝B‚ť‚ľ‚āA2•ŞŒă‚ɁA‰´‚˝‚ż‚͔ނ̖ź‘O‚đƒNƒŠƒA‚É‚ˇ‚é‚‚ŕ‚č‚žB

‚ ‚˘‚‚ç‚́Aƒo[ƒN‚Ćƒtƒ‰ƒ“ƒNƒŠƒ“‚Ě˜b‚đ‚ľ‚Ä‚˘‚é‚Éˆá‚˘‚Č‚˘B

ƒfƒbƒJ[ƒh‚Ş‚ ‚Č‚˝‚Ć˜b‚ľ‚˝‚˘‚ń‚ž‚ĆŽv‚˘‚Ü‚ˇB
ƒvƒŠƒYƒi[‚ĚƒWƒŒƒ“ƒ}‚đŽŔs‚ľ‚˝‚ą‚Ć‚Í‚ ‚é‚ŠH
ƒNƒŠƒXƒ^ƒ‹ƒNƒŠƒA[B‚ ‚č‚Ş‚Ć‚¤‚˛‚´‚˘‚Ü‚ˇB


“z‚ç‚Í‚ ‚ť‚ą‚ʼn˝‚đ‚â‚Á‚Ä‚˘‚éH
“z‚ç‚Ş‚ ‚ť‚ą‚Ĺ‚â‚Á‚Ä‚˘‚é‚ą‚Ć‚Í‚ ‚ń‚˝‚Í‚í‚Š‚Á‚Ä‚˘‚é‚ĆŽv‚¤‚ȁB


ƒ”ƒHƒ‹ƒJ[‚ÍFBI‚ĆŽćˆř‚ľ‚Ä‚˘‚éB”Ţ‚Í‚ ‚ń‚˝‚𔄂Á‚Ä‚˘‚éB‚ť‚¤‚žB”’ó‚ˇ‚é‚ą‚Ć‚ÉƒTƒCƒ“‚ľ‚˝B‚ ‚ń‚˝‚ރ”ƒHƒ‹ƒJ[‚ĚƒIƒtƒBƒX‚ÉŽp‚đŒť‚ľ‚āA”Ţ‚Í‚ ‚ń‚˝‚Ş— Ř‚é‚Ě‚ÍŽžŠÔ‚Ě–â‘č‚ž‚Ć‚í‚Š‚Á‚˝B”Ţ‚ÍŽćˆř‚ľ‚˝B

‚ŕ‚¤ˆę‚‚ ‚č‚Ü‚ˇB
ƒfƒbƒJ[ƒh‚́A‚ ‚Č‚˝‚ŞFBI‘{¸ŠŻ‚É‹­—v‚ˇ‚é‚˝‚ß‚ÉŽx•Ľ‚Á‚āAƒtƒFƒfƒ‰ƒ‹ƒgƒ‰ƒCƒAƒ‹‚̏ؐl‚đŽE‚ľ‚˝B‚ĆŒž‚Á‚Ä‚˘‚éB

‚ ‚Ť‚ç‚ß‚ëB
—źŽč‚đ‚ ‚°‚ëAƒfƒbƒJ[ƒhBI‚í‚č‚žB

‚ ‚ń‚˝‚Ş“Ś‚°‚˝‚Ć‚ŤA‚ ‚ń‚˝‚͉´‚Ćƒoƒ“ƒNƒƒtƒg‚Ɉř‚Ť‹N‚ą‚ľ‚˝‹ę”Y‚đ—‰đ‚ˇ‚é‚ćB
‚ ‚ń‚˝‚ĆŽdŽ–‚Ĺ‚Ť‚Ä‚ć‚Š‚Á‚˝‚ćAƒfƒbƒJ[ƒhB

‚ ‚č‚Ş‚Ć‚¤B

‰´‚ŕ‰Ć‚É‹A‚é‚ćBĄ“ú‚̓pƒEƒGƒ‹‚ɍs‚Ż‚Č‚˘‚Č‚ B‰´‚̍s“Ž”ÍˆÍ‚ĚŠO‚ž‚Š‚çB—Š‚Ţ‚ćH

đ”Ó‚Í‚ ‚č‚Ş‚Ć‚¤Aƒ‚ƒYB
‚Ü‚Ë‚Á‚ą—V‚Ń‚Ě‚ą‚Ć‚ŠHŽq‹Ÿ‚Ě—V‚Ń‚ž‚Á‚˝‚ćB‰´‚ލĄ“d˜b‚ľ‚Ä‚˘‚闝—R‚́A‚ ‚ę‚Š‚炢‚­‚‚Š‚̏î•ń‚đ“üŽč‚ľ‚˝B
ƒMƒƒƒŒƒbƒgEƒtƒ@ƒEƒ‰[B“z‚đŒŠ‚Â‚Ż‚é•K—v‚Ş‚ ‚éB

‚ ‚Č‚˝‚É‚ ‚Á‚˝Žž‚Š‚çA‚ ‚Č‚˝‚Íˆá‚˘‚Ě‚í‚Š‚él‚ž‚Ć‚˘‚¤‚ą‚Ć‚Ş‚Ĺ‚Ť‚˝‚ń‚žB


ƒnƒCƒ‰ƒCƒg‚Í "from the moment I met you, I could tell you're a man of refined tastes." ‚É‚ľ‚Ä‚¨‚­B