ƒnƒCƒ‰ƒCƒg‚Í"And your father would bend over backwards trying to make me laugh."



How I met your mother ƒV[ƒYƒ“7yŒ´‘čzSymphony of Illumination

Later that week, as I was enjoying every second of not being pregnant.

Next on Teenage Mommies.

But you said you would watch Bella.

I have cheerleading practice.

Sucks to be you, Braces.Oh.Um Yello! Uh, yeah, I can come back in.

Robin, we ran some tests last week.This is going to be difficult to hear.

And then the doctor said a bunch of medical stuff that well, the gist of it was this.

gist —v“_

I can't have a baby.

No.You can't have a baby.

Uh, great.Uh, well, I mean, um, not-not great.I mean, I've never wanted kids, so if it has to happen to someone

Robin, is there anyone you can talk to about this? Perhaps a close friend?

I knew I could have talked to my friends.

But, it's just, I already knew exactly how they would all react.Ted would go into overdrive trying to make me feel better.

go into overdrive ‰Á”M‚ˇ‚é

You need comfort food.Fried chicken, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes.Open your present, I'll work on these shoulders.Okay, just breathe, relax, eat your chicken.Come on, eat, breathe, open it, breathe, open it, eat.Robin, why are you so tense?!

Lily would just implode.

implode •ö‰ó‚ˇ‚é

And here I've been going on and on about babies.Oh, I am such a bad friend!

And I'd wind up comforting her.

It's okay.

You have to punch me in the face!

Marshall would ask me a ton of questions I don't know the answers to.

Have you thought about adoption?

Um, well

Does this kind of thing run in your family?


What was the date, duration and consistency of your last period?

consistency ’˛˜a

And your father would bend over backwards trying to make me laugh.

bend over backwards ‘S—Í‚đs‚­‚ˇ

A priest and a rabbi walk into a bar-no, a barbershop-no, a post office-no, it's two priests-no, it's two ducks-no, a priest holding a duck-and he's Polish.The priest, not the duck.Actually, the duck could be Polish, too.Doesn't matter.Yes it does.The duck's not Polish.

And when that didn't work, he would actually bend over backwards.

Pratfall! Ow!

Pratfall ‚¸‚Á‚ą‚Ż‚é

The bottom line is, I didn't feel like talking about it.So when Ted asked

Hey, Robin, you okay? You look upset.

I just came up with the first lie that popped into my head.

Yeah.Uh I just found out I can never be a pole-vaulter for the Canadian Olympic team.I'm too tall or something.

pole-vaulter –_‚’ľ‚Ń‘IŽč

Robin, I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry, Robin.

I had no idea.That's terrible.Can we get some fried chicken over here, stat!

I am such a bad friend!

Three slutty nuns show up at St.Peter's-Wait, wait, they're not slutty.Well, they are, but you're not supposed to know that yet.

Um Hey, baby, what's up?

Hey, uh, listen, the construction of the Symphony of Illumination is taking a little longer than I thought.Good thing I have Scott here to help me.Right, Scott?

You betcha, Mr.E!

Bad news.Robin's too tall to be an Olympic pole-vaulter.

Has she filed an appeal with the IOC?

Have you filed an appeal with the IOC?

Can she make herself shorter by slouching?

slouching ‘O‚Š‚Ş‚Ý‚Ě

Can you make yourself shorter by slouching?

Has she considered going back to school and competing at the collegiate level?

collegiate ‘ĺŠw‚Ě

Have you considered going back to school and

I don't want to talk about it.

Sorry.I love you, baby.See you tomorrow.

Okay, I love you, too.Scott? Scott, I dropped my phone.

Yep, found it.

Could you bring it up here?

You got it.Hey, while I'm at it, can I get you a beer?

He wants to bring the old man a beer.Yeah, sure.Uh, there's a whole case in the fridge.Thanks, son.Do you, do you mind if I call you son?

You can call me whatever you want jackass.

Scott? The ladder fell.Scott? Scott!

Listen, um, I know things have been kind of weird between you and me these past couple weeks, so I just want to say I'm I'm glad we're back to where we started.


Friends with benefits.


Just like always.

Never been that.Just friends.

With benefits.We'll talk about it later.Look at all these babies.Isn't it crazy how, now that we're not having one, babies are cute again? Look at that one.

I'm good.

No, I'm serious.Look, look.

Damn it.That thing's cute as crap.Screw you, baby.

Scott? Scott! What is going on?

Hey, Mr.E.

Scott if you do not let me down, I am going to scream my head off until someone comes to help me, and then you're going to have to explain all of this to the cops.

head off “Ş‚Ş‚¨‚Š‚ľ‚­‚Č‚é‚Ů‚Ç

And then you'll have to explain why there's a picture of my ding-dong on your phone.

There is no picture of your

There is now.Oh, yeah, that's a beauty.

Scott? Scott! Scott!

Marshall keeps asking me to text him pictures of my boobies.After all these years, he sometimes still acts like a teenager.I'll be right back.

Insane Duane.

It's Sane Duane now.

You used to be magnificent.

Are you okay?

Yeah, yeah, um, I guess this, um, this pole-vaulting thing is finally hitting me.

I don't get it, Robin.Did you really want to be a pole-vaulter?

No, no, I was, uh, I was always adamantly against having a uh, a pole-vaulting career, even though it's what most women want.

adamantly Šć‚Č‚É

Most women want to be a pole-vaulter?

In Canada-it's very big up there.You know, it's, it's meet a nice guy, get married, vault some poles, but I never wanted that.Of course, it's one thing not to want something.It's another to be told you can't have it.I guess it's, it's just nice knowing that you could someday do it if you changed your mind.But now, all of a sudden, that door is closed.

What about the one where you ski and shoot at the same time? That seems like something you'd be good at.

Oh, my God, Robin, look at this.O Cana-dorable! Am I right?

Excuse me.

Yep, this works.



‚ž‚Ż‚ǁA‚ ‚Č‚˝‚̓xƒ‰‚đŒŠ‚é‚Á‚ÄŒž‚Á‚˝‚íB










‚ ‚Č‚˝‚ŞŽ„‚ĚŠç‚Ƀpƒ“ƒ`‚ľ‚āB


—{Žq‚ɂ‚˘‚čl‚Ś‚˝‚ą‚Ć‚Í‚ ‚č‚Ü‚ˇ‚ŠH
‚ ‚Č‚˝‚̉Ƒ°‚É‚Í‚ą‚Ě‚ą‚Ć‚Ş˜b‚ľ‚Ü‚ˇ‚ŠH
“ú•tAŠúŠÔA’˛˜aA‚ ‚Č‚˝‚ĚĹŒă‚ĚŠúŠÔ‚͉˝‚Ĺ‚ľ‚˝‚ŠH

‚ť‚ľ‚āA‚ ‚Č‚˝‚˝‚ż‚Ě•ƒe‚ÍŽ„‚đÎ‚í‚š‚悤‚Ć‘S—Í‚đs‚­‚ˇ‚íB





ƒwƒCAƒƒrƒ“A‘ĺä•v‚ŠHS‚ą‚ą‚É‚ ‚炸‚ČŠ´‚ś‚žB


‚ ‚ A‚݂‚Ż‚˝‚ćB
‚ ‚˘‚‚͘V‚˘‚˝’j‚Ƀr[ƒ‹‚đŽ‚Á‚Ä‚˘‚Ť‚˝‚Ş‚Á‚Ä‚éB‚ ‚ —Š‚Ţ‚ćB—â‘ ŒÉ‚ɃP[ƒX‚Ş‚ ‚éB‚ ‚č‚Ş‚Ć‚¤A‘§Žq‚ćB‘§Žq‚ĆŒÄ‚Î‚ę‚é‚Ě‚ÍŒ™‚Ĺ‚ˇ‚ŠH

‚Č‚ A‚¨‘O‚Ɖ´‚ĚŠÔ‚Ĺ‚¨‚Š‚ľ‚Č‚ą‚Ć‚Ş‚ ‚Á‚˝‚Ě‚Í‚í‚Š‚Á‚Ä‚éB‚ą‚̐”TŠÔ‚ŁB‚ž‚Š‚çA‰´‚ÍŒž‚˘‚˝‚˘‚ń‚žB‰´‚͉´‚˝‚ż‚ŞŽn‚Ü‚Á‚˝ęŠ‚É–ß‚Á‚Ä‚¤‚ę‚ľ‚˘‚ń‚žB
‚ť‚ń‚Č‚ą‚Ć‚Č‚˘‚íB‚˝‚ž‚Ě—F’B‚ć ƒZƒbƒNƒX•t‚ŤBŒă‚Ĺ‚ť‚Ě‚ą‚Ƃɂ‚˘‚Ęb‚ť‚¤BƒxƒCƒr[‚đŒŠ‚Ä‚Ý‚ë‚ćBƒNƒŒƒCƒW[‚ś‚á‚Č‚˘‚ŠA‰´‚˝‚ż‚ރxƒCƒr[‚đŽ‚˝‚Č‚˘ĄAƒxƒCƒr[‚ŞÄ‚ŃƒLƒ…[ƒg‚žB‚ ‚ęŒŠ‚Ä‚Ý‚ë‚ćB

‚ť‚ľ‚āA‚ť‚ĚŽžA‚ ‚ń‚˝‚Í‚ ‚ń‚˝‚Ě“d˜b‚ɉ´‚Ěƒp[ƒeƒB[‚̎ʐ^‚Ş‚ ‚闝—R‚đŕ–ž‚ľ‚Č‚Ż‚ę‚΂Ȃç‚Č‚˘‚ž‚낤B
Ą‚ ‚éBƒIƒDAƒCƒ„[BăY—í‚ÉŽć‚ę‚˝B


‚í‚Š‚ç‚Č‚˘‚íAƒƒrƒ“B‚ ‚Č‚˝Aƒzƒ“ƒg‚É–_‚’ľ‚Ń‚Ě‘IŽč‚É‚Č‚č‚˝‚Š‚Á‚˝‚́H
ƒJƒiƒ_‚ł́B‚Ć‚Ä‚ŕ–J‚ß‚ç‚ę‚é‚́B‚í‚Š‚é‚Ĺ‚ľ‚ĺAƒiƒCƒXƒKƒC‚ɏo‰ď‚Á‚āAŒ‹Ľ‚ľ‚āAƒ|[ƒ‹‚đ’´‚Ś‚āA‚ž‚Ż‚ǁAŽ„‚Í‚ť‚ę‚đ—~‚ľ‚Ş‚ç‚Č‚Š‚Á‚˝B‚ŕ‚ż‚ë‚ńA‰˝‚Š‚đ—~‚ľ‚Ş‚ç‚Č‚˘‚ą‚ƁB‚ ‚Č‚˝‚Ş‚ť‚ę‚đŽ‚Ä‚Č‚˘‚ĆŒž‚í‚ę‚é‚ą‚Ć‚Í•Ę‚Ě‚ą‚Ć‚ćBŽ„‚́Al‚Ě‹C‚Ş•Ď‚í‚Á‚˝‚çA‚˘‚‚Š‚ť‚ę‚đ‚ˇ‚é‚ą‚Ć‚Ş‚Ĺ‚Ť‚é‚Ć‚í‚Š‚é‚Ě‚Í—Ç‚˘‚ą‚Ć‚ćB‚ž‚Ż‚ǁAĄA“Ë‘RA‚ť‚ĚƒhƒA‚ޕ‚ś‚˝‚́B
‚ ‚Č‚˝‚ރXƒL[‚ĆŽËŒ‚‚đ“ŻŽž‚É‚â‚é‚Ě‚Í‚Ç‚¤H‚ ‚Č‚˝‚Ş“žˆÓ‚ȉ˝‚Š‚̂悤‚ÉŠ´‚ś‚é‚íB
‚ ‚ A‚ą‚ꂤ‚Ü‚­‚˘‚­B

Ą‰ń‚́AƒnƒCƒ‰ƒCƒg‚ÍAnd your father would bend over backwards trying to make me laugh. ‚É‚ľ‚Ä‚¨‚­B