ƒnƒCƒ‰ƒCƒg‚Í"But, bright side Robin is gonna be so touched when she hears you ended things with Victoria because of her."



How I met your mother ƒV[ƒYƒ“8yŒ´‘čzThe Autumn of Break-Ups

Look, if you really want to have a baby, just stop taking the pill.

You guys slept together at spring break three years ago.That means something.

Loves show tunes, total shopaholic, not always pestering you for sex? Um, Clifford sounds like a keeper.

tune ’˛˜a pester ‚ľ‚‚ą‚­”Y‚Ü‚š‚é

Marshall, all of that advice was terrible.

Not as terrible as you saying that Ted and Robin should stop being friends.

I'm not saying they should.It would be horrible.But if Ted really wants to be with Victoria

Ted, tell her that you're not gonna stop being friends with Robin.

I can't imagine life without Robin.But she'll never be in love with me.She'll never be my wife.She'll never be the person I grow old with.Victoria Victoria could be.

Are you saying what I think you're saying?

You ready to say good-bye?

Thanks for coming with me.

Oh, well, you did the same for me back when I had to give away all my dogs.Remember?

Oh, yeah, we drove to your aunt's farm upstate.She was awesome.


I love how she was this wise, old, chilled out, lesbian farmer.

chill out —Ž‚ż’…‚­

No, no, no.She's not a lesbian.Nor does she farm them.No, that woman she lives with, that's just her special friend Maureen.They've lived together for Oh.

Oh, this is gonna be tough.Brover really was the best wingman ever.

Oh, my God.Thank you so much for bringing Mr.Sprinkles back.

Mr.Sprinkles is a great name for a dog.

Mommy missed you so much.Yes, she did.Did this nice couple take care of you?

That's a laugh.Ha.Big bro.I got to split.Yeah, I got to, I got to head back to the farm where I live with my special friend Maureen.Whom I now realize is my lesbian life partner.Surprise.Okay.All right.

So would you like a drink?

Best wingman ever.

Hey.What's all this? I thought you were mad at me.

I was but then I realized I just have to accept that you have close guy friends.I mean, I don't want it becoming a habit that they steal you away from me in the middle of the night.But

Oh, sorry.Oh, Ted needs to see me.

Oh, for the love of God, woman.

Oh, it's not what you think.He just wants to have sex.Kidding.Just a little hand stuff.Ha.Kidding again.Ted's more of a boob man.I seriously can't stop.

What does he want?

Um I don't know, but he says it's urgent.I'm so sorry.Just one more little steal-away.

Just as long as he gives you back.


So are you okay? What is this big, urgent thing that couldn't wait till tomorrow?

There's something I have to tell you.

Um I've thought about this a ton, and, um I was hoping it wouldn't come to this, but I'm not in love with Robin, um, but she's like family to me, and, uh I can't end that.So can you accept that?

I really hope you get her some day.

Hey, guys.



So, last night Ted calls me out to the bar to talk about something urgent.Guess what it was.He wants to write a series of young adult mystery novels called The Mosby Boys.Why did you need to tell me that?

You work in the media.You know people.

Okay, well, first of all, lose the Mosby nerds and focus on that crime-solving squirrel.That guy is gold.Yeah.And secondly, next time you have a big idea late at night, please bug your girlfriend about it.

Uh, actually Victoria and I broke up.

Oh, my God.

Why, what, what happened?

We just, you know, wanted different things.

I'm so sorry, buddy.

But, bright side Robin is gonna be so touched when she hears you ended things with Victoria because of her.

She can never know.Promise me Robin will never find out.

I don't understand.




Of course, Robin did find out.But we'll get to that.

So you do have balls? Run!


‚Č‚ AŒN‚ç‚Şƒzƒ“ƒg‚ɃxƒCƒr[‚Ş—~‚ľ‚˘‚Č‚çAƒsƒ‹‚đˆů‚Ţ‚Ě‚đŽŤ‚ß‚é‚ń‚žB

ƒ}[ƒVƒƒƒ‹A‚ ‚ĚƒAƒhƒoƒCƒX‚ˇ‚ׂĂށA‹°‚Š‚Á‚˝‚íB
ƒƒrƒ“–ł‚ľ‚̐lś‚Í‘z‘œ‚Ĺ‚Ť‚Č‚˘B‚ž‚Ż‚ǁA”ޏ—‚͉´‚Ě‚ą‚Ć‚đˆ¤‚ł‚Č‚˘‚ž‚낤B”ޏ—‚͉´‚ĚČ‚É‚ŕ‚Č‚ç‚Č‚˘‚ž‚낤B”ޏ—‚́Aˆę‚É”N‚đŽć‚él‚ś‚á‚Č‚˘‚ž‚낤Bƒ”ƒBƒNƒgƒŠƒABƒ”ƒBƒNƒgƒŠƒA‚Í‚ť‚̉”\Ť‚Ş‚ ‚éB

ˆę‚É—ˆ‚Ä‚­‚ę‚Ä‚ ‚č‚Ş‚Ć‚¤B
Ž„‚ŞŒ˘‚đŽč•ú‚ł‚Č‚Ż‚ę‚΂Ȃç‚Č‚Š‚Á‚˝‚Ć‚Ť‚ɁA“Ż‚ś‚ą‚Ć‚đ‚ ‚Č‚˝‚ŞŽ„‚Ě‚˝‚ß‚É‚â‚Á‚Ä‚­‚ę‚˝‚ą‚Ć‚đŠo‚Ś‚Ä‚éH
‚ ‚ A‰´‚˝‚ż‚̓AƒbƒvƒXƒe[ƒg‚ĚŒN‚Ě‚¨‚΂ł‚ń‚Ě”_ę‚ɍs‚Á‚˝B”ޏ—‚͍ō‚‚ž‚Á‚˝B
ƒI[ƒ}ƒCƒSƒbƒhBƒ~ƒXƒ^[ƒXƒvƒŠƒ“ƒNƒŒƒX‚đ–ß‚ľ‚Ä‚­‚ę‚Ä‚ ‚č‚Ş‚Ć‚¤B
ƒ}ƒ~[‚Ş‚Ć‚Ä‚ŕŽâ‚ľ‚Ş‚Á‚Ä‚˝B‚ť‚¤‚Ȃ́A”ޏ—‚Ş–ź•t‚Ż‚˝‚́B‚ą‚ĚƒiƒCƒXƒJƒbƒvƒ‹‚Ş‚ ‚Č‚˝‚đ˘˜b‚ľ‚˝‚́H

ƒwƒCA‚ą‚ę‚Í‚Ç‚¤‚ľ‚˝‚́HŽ„‚Í‚ ‚Č‚˝‚Ş“{‚Á‚Ä‚˝‚ĆŽv‚Á‚˝‚íB
“{‚Á‚Ä‚˝‚Ż‚ǁA‰´‚Í—‰đ‚ľ‚˝‚ń‚žB‰´‚ÍŒN‚Ş‹ß‚ľ‚˘—F’B‚đŽ‚Á‚Ä‚˘‚é‚ą‚Ć‚đŽó‚Ż“ü‚ę‚Č‚Ż‚ę‚΂Ȃç‚Č‚˘‚ƁB‚‚܂čA‰´‚Í–é’†‚ɉ´‚Š‚çŒN‚𓐂ń‚Ĺ‚˘‚­”Ţ‚ç‚̏KŠľ‚É‚ľ‚˝‚­‚Č‚˘B‚ž‚Ż‚ǁA ƒIƒDA‚˛‚ß‚ńBƒIƒDAƒeƒbƒh‚ŞŽ„‚ɉ•K—v‚Ş‚ ‚é‚Á‚āB
ƒIƒDA‚ ‚Č‚˝‚Ş‚Š‚ń‚°‚é‚ą‚Ć‚ś‚á‚Č‚˘‚íB”ނ́AƒZƒbƒNƒX‚ľ‚˝‚˘‚ž‚Ż‚ćBç’kB‚ż‚ĺ‚Á‚ĆŽč‚Ĺ‚â‚é‚ž‚Ż‚ćBƒnB‚Ü‚˝ç’kBƒeƒbƒh‚Í‚¨‚Á‚Ď‚˘’j‚Ȃ́Bƒ}ƒW‚ĹŽ~‚ß‚ç‚ę‚Č‚˘B
‚ ‚č‚Ş‚Ć‚¤B

˜b‚ł‚Č‚˘‚Ć‚˘‚Ż‚Č‚˘‚ą‚Ć‚Ş‚ ‚é‚ń‚žB

Ž„‚Í‚ ‚Č‚˝•ű‚˘‚‚Š”ޏ—‚đ‚ŕ‚Ě‚É‚Ĺ‚Ť‚é‚ą‚Ć‚đƒzƒ“ƒg‚É–]‚Ţ‚íB

đ”ӁAƒeƒbƒh‚ŞŽ„‚É‹Ů‹}‚Ě˜b‚ľ‚˝‚˘‚ą‚Ć‚Ş‚ ‚é‚Š‚ç‚Ćƒo[‚ÉŒÄ‚Ńo‚ľ‚˝‚́B‚ť‚ę‚Ş‰˝‚ž‚Á‚˝‚Š‘z‘œ‚ľ‚āB”ނ́Aƒ„ƒ“ƒAƒ_ƒ‹ƒgƒ~ƒXƒeƒŠ[ƒmƒxƒ‹‚đ‘‚Ť‚˝‚˘‚ç‚ľ‚˘‚íBƒUEƒ‚ƒYƒr[Eƒ{[ƒCƒY‚ĆŒž‚¤Źŕ‚đB‚Ç‚¤‚ľ‚ÄŽ„‚É‚ť‚ę‚đ˜b‚ˇ•K—v‚Ş‚ ‚Á‚˝‚́H
OKB‚Ü‚¸Ĺ‰‚ɁAƒUEƒ‚ƒYƒr[‚¨‚˝‚­‚đŽ¸‚Á‚āA‚股‚Ş”Ć‚ľ‚˝–â‘č‚đ‰đŒˆ‚ľ‚˝‚ą‚Ć‚ÉW’†‚ľ‚āB‚ť‚Ě’j‚̓S[ƒ‹ƒh‚ćB‚Ś‚ŚBŽŸ‚ɁAŽŸ‰ń‚ ‚Č‚˝‚ސ[–é‚É‚˘‚˘ƒAƒCƒfƒA‚đŽv‚˘•t‚˘‚˝‚çA‚ť‚Ě‚ą‚Ć‚Ĺ‚ ‚Č‚˝‚ĚƒK[ƒ‹ƒtƒŒƒ“ƒh‚đƒCƒ‰‚‚Š‚š‚āB
‚Ç‚¤‚ľ‚āA‚Č‚É‚Ş‚ ‚Á‚˝‚́H

‚ž‚Ż‚ǁA—Ç‚˘‚ą‚Ƃ́Aƒƒrƒ“‚Ş‚ ‚Č‚˝‚Ćƒ”ƒBƒNƒgƒŠƒA‚ރƒrƒ“‚ŞŒ´ˆö‚Ĺ•Ę‚ę‚˝‚Ć•ˇ‚˘‚˝‚Ć‚Ť‚ɁA”ޏ—‚̐S‚ɐG‚ę‚é‚íB



Ą‰ń‚́AƒnƒCƒ‰ƒCƒg‚ÍBut, bright side Robin is gonna be so touched when she hears you ended things with Victoria because of her. ‚É‚ľ‚Ä‚¨‚­B