ƒnƒCƒ‰ƒCƒg‚Í"This room being empty was bumming me out, so I decided to do something healthy that would take my mind off you."



How I met your mother ƒV[ƒYƒ“7yŒ´‘čzThe Broath

I want you to meet my friends.

Should I be nervous? Is it like bringing me home to meet your parents?

No, no, no.Much more stressful than that.You see, my friends, while awesome, can be presumptuous, meddlesome and downright destructive.When they learn what you do and how we met, they'll probably try to break us up.

presumptuous o‚ľ‚á‚΂Á‚˝ meddlesome ‚¨‚š‚Á‚Š‚˘ downright ˜Iœ‚É destructive ‘ŠŽč‚đ‚Â‚Ż‚é

So let's have some fun with them.Mess with their heads.

Are you saying evil plan?

Hells to the yes.

My God, you're hot.

Wait for it.

Here's what we do.

I'll make Ted swear not to tell anyone what he knows about you, and he'll cave immediately.

cave ~ŽQ‚ˇ‚é

Barney's dating a stripper who's gonna steal all his money!

Next, we invite everyone over.I'll keep saying stuff like:

Is it okay if I put out the hummus, bunny face?

And I'll be the bossy bitch who says: No, save it for dessert, idiot.

Nice.And, finally, we'll announce

We're moving in together!

I've got an idea.Let's get your friends Ted and Robin fighting over my apartment.

Wait, what does that have to do with you and me?

Nothing.I just worship chaos.

worship ’”q‚ˇ‚é

I can't handle how hot you are right now.

Wait for it.

Next, they'll try to talk me into dumping you.

And I'll walk in on it.

Then we pretend to break up.And when they crawl back, begging for forgiveness I'll be the bigger man and let them off the hook.

Or make the monkeys dance for you.

God, you're smart! It's gonna be legen I'm not waiting for it anymore.

Mmm dary.

My God, you two are

Perfect together.

So you're not really moving in?

Well, it started out as a joke, but the more we talked about it

The more excited we got.

So, yeah, we are.You have anything to say about that?

So happy for you.


Thank you.

Thank you.You two realize this means my apartment really is up for grabs, right?

I'm sure I'll find something else.

Me, too.


And that's the story of how we met Quinn.That Friday, I met Robin to see how it went at fire o'clock.

They promoted me to on-air talent.I'm gonna be Sandy Rivers' new co-host.

Oh, my God! How'd that happen?

Remember New Year's Eve? When I filled in for Sandy, it turns out the C.E.O. of World Wide News liked me.He said I have moxie.

moxie Šˆ‹C

So he's a 1940s gangster?

Apparently.And I got a big raise, so I'm taking this apartment on Central Park West, which means

Quinn's apartment.

I already told her you'd take it.



Hey, and congrats.You deserve it all.You know, I've been thinking about it, and I can do normal.

To back to normal.

To back to normal.

Uh I-I should get going.

Yeah.You've got a lot to do.

Totally.So Um, see you soon.

See you soon.Yeah.

We wouldn't see each other for a long time.But I'll get to that.

Listen, um about me getting to second base in tenth grade with Jenna Cristalli

I don't know what you're talking about.I've already forgotten about that dumb hobag.

Yeah, um, it didn't happen while we were watching Peter Pan.It happened while I was playing Peter Pan.Here's a photo from the day I was cast.That's me in the middle.But then I had my growth spurt.By opening night, I was too big for the flying harness, and, well I fell hands-first right onto Jenna Cristalli.The tissues in her bra saved me two broken wrists.I'm sorry.I just, I just wanted to have one cool sex story that wasn't you.

Okay.Next time you tell it, you were in your dad's car, which you stole to go to a Metallica concert, and you got to third base with that slut.

I was once with this chick who is just the best wife ever.

Thank you for being so cool about what I do.A lot of guys would be weird or jealous.

Are you kidding? Who am I to judge anyone? I'm the devil! I mean, if you ever wanted to stop stripping, I'd support it.If you wanted to.

Uh-huh.So, you are jealous?

What? No, no, not at all.I'm just saying, if you ever wanted to hang up the ol' G-string, I'd completely understand.

Nah, I like taking my clothes off for money.

Great.Let me let me finish.Hypothetically, what would make you stop?

Hypothetically I would stop stripping if I ever got married.Good night.

And then we agreed to go back to normal.But I'm starting to wonder if we can ever really just be friends.Anyway, that's the story of me and Robin, 2005 to the present.What do you think?

I think your stories are way too long.

I feel bad for his future kids, dude.

Hey, my kids are gonna love my stories.They're gonna yeah, they're gonna love my stories.


ƒi[ƒ”ƒ@ƒX‚É‚Č‚é‚ׂŤH‚ ‚Č‚˝‚Ě—źe‚ɉ‚˝‚ß‚ÉŽ„‚đ‰Ć‚ɘA‚ę‚čs‚­‚Ý‚˝‚˘H
‚ť‚ę‚ś‚á‚ ”Ţ‚ç‚É–Ę”’‚˘‚ą‚Ć‚đ‚ľ‚Ü‚ľ‚傤B”Ţ‚ç‚Ě“Ş‚đ‚Ž‚ż‚á‚Ž‚ż‚á‚É‚ˇ‚é‚́B
ˆÓ’nˆŤ‚Čƒvƒ‰ƒ“‚Ş‚ ‚é‚Ě‚ŠH
‰´‚˝‚ż‚Ş‚â‚é‚ą‚Ć‚Í‚ą‚ą‚É‚ ‚éB






ƒAƒCƒfƒA‚Ş‚ ‚é‚íBƒeƒbƒh‚Ćƒƒrƒ“‚ÉŽ„‚Ě‰Ć‚đ‘ˆ‚Á‚Đí‚í‚š‚Ü‚ľ‚傤B
‘҂āAŒN‚Ɖ´‚Ě‚ą‚Ƃʼn˝‚ĚŠÖŒW‚Ş‚ ‚é‚ń‚žH

‚ť‚ę‚ŠA‚ ‚Č‚˝‚Ě‚˝‚߂Ƀ‚ƒ“ƒL[ƒ_ƒ“ƒX‚đ‚ł‚š‚éB

‚Č‚ń‚Ä‚ą‚ƁB‚ ‚Č‚˝‚˝‚ż“ńl‚́EEEB
‚ť‚ę‚ŁA‚ ‚Č‚˝‚̓zƒ“ƒg‚͈ř‚Á‰z‚ł‚Č‚˘H
‚ž‚Š‚çA‚ť‚¤‚žB‰´‚˝‚ż‚Í“Żą‚ˇ‚éB‰˝‚ŠˆÓŒŠ‚Í‚ ‚é‚ŠH
‚ ‚č‚Ş‚Ć‚¤B
‚ ‚č‚Ş‚Ć‚¤B‚ ‚Č‚˝‚˝‚ż“ńlA‚ą‚ę‚ŞAŽ„‚ĚƒAƒp[ƒg‚ރzƒ“ƒg‚ɏZ‚ß‚é‚悤‚É‚Č‚é‚Á‚Ä‚ą‚Ć‚ž‚Ć—‰đ‚ľ‚Ä‚éH
‚ ‚ B


ƒjƒ…[ƒCƒ„[ƒCƒ”‚Ě‚ą‚ĆŠo‚Ś‚Ä‚éHŽ„‚ރTƒ“ƒfƒB‚Ě‘ă‚í‚č‚ɏo‚āAƒ[ƒ‹ƒhƒƒCƒhƒjƒ…[ƒX‚ĚCEO‚ŞŽ„‚Ě‚ą‚Ć‹C‚É“ü‚Á‚˝‚́BŽ„‚É‚ÍŠˆ‹C‚Ş‚ ‚é‚ĆŒž‚Á‚˝‚íB
Ž„‚Í”Ţ—‚É‚ ‚Č‚˝‚ޏZ‚Ţ‚Á‚Ä“`‚Ś‚˝B
ƒƒ@ƒIB‚ ‚č‚Ş‚Ć‚¤B
‚ ‚ BŒN‚É‚Í‚â‚é‚ą‚Ć‚Ş‚˝‚­‚ł‚ń‚ ‚éB
‚ˇ‚Ž‚ɁB‚ ‚ B


‚Č‚ A‰´‚Ě‚ą‚ƂŁA‚1‚ĹƒWƒF[ƒ“EƒNƒŠƒXƒeƒCƒ‹‚Ć‚â‚Á‚˝‚ą‚Ć‚Č‚ń‚ž‚ށEEEB
‚ ‚ B‰´‚˝‚ż‚̓s[ƒ^[Eƒpƒ“‚đŒŠ‚Ä‚é‚Ć‚Ť‚É‹N‚ą‚Á‚˝‚ń‚ś‚á‚Č‚˘B‚ť‚ę‚́A‰´‚ރs[ƒ^[ƒpƒ“‚đ‰‰‚ś‚Ä‚˝Žž‚É“{‚Á‚˝‚ń‚žB‰´‚ރLƒƒƒXƒg‚ž‚Á‚˝Žž‚̎ʐ^‚Ş‚ ‚éB^‚ń’†‚މ´‚žB‚ž‚Ż‚ǁA‰´‚͐Ź’ˇ‚Ş‘‚Š‚Á‚˝BƒI[ƒvƒjƒ“ƒOƒiƒCƒg‚܂ŁA‰´‚̓tƒ‰ƒCƒ“ƒOƒn[ƒlƒXƒg‚É‚Í‘ĺ‚Ť‚ˇ‚Ź‚˝B‚ť‚ľ‚āA‰´‚̓WƒF[ƒ“EƒNƒŠƒXƒeƒCƒ‹‚ÉŽč‚Š‚ç—Ž‚ż‚˝B”ޏ—‚Ěƒuƒ‰‚މ´‚Ě—źŽčŽń‚đÜ‚é‚ą‚Ć‚Š‚ç‹~‚Á‚˝‚ń‚žB‚ˇ‚Ü‚Č‚˘B‰´‚́A‚¨‘O‚ś‚á‚Č‚˘‚Š‚Á‚ą‚˘‚˘ƒZƒbƒNƒXƒXƒg[ƒŠ[‚đ˜b‚ľ‚˝‚Š‚Á‚˝‚ž‚Ż‚Č‚ń‚žB
OKBŽŸ‚ɘb‚ˇŽž‚́A‚ ‚Č‚˝‚Í‚ ‚Č‚˝‚Ě•ƒe‚ĚŽÔ‚É‚˘‚˝B‚ ‚Č‚˝‚̓ƒ^ƒŠƒJƒRƒ“ƒT[ƒg‚ɍs‚­‚˝‚ß‚É“‚ń‚žŽÔ‚ɁB‚ť‚ľ‚āA‚ ‚Č‚˝‚͏—‚Ć‚â‚ç‚Č‚Ż‚ę‚΂Ȃç‚Č‚Š‚Á‚˝B‚Á‚ĂˁB

Ž„‚Ş‚ˇ‚é‚ą‚Ć‚ÉƒN[ƒ‹‚Ĺ‚˘‚Ä‚­‚ę‚Ä‚ ‚č‚Ş‚Ć‚¤B‚˝‚­‚ł‚ń‚Ě’j‚ށA•Ď‚ŠƒWƒFƒ‰ƒV[‚đŽ‚Á‚Ä‚˝B
‚ť‚ę‚ŁA‚ ‚Č‚˝‚̓WƒFƒ‰ƒV[‚Ȃ̂ˁH
‚ˇ‚΂炾‚˘BI‚í‚ç‚Ś‚悤B‰źŕ‚Ć‚ľ‚āAŒN‚ÉŽŤ‚ß‚ł‚š‚é‚ɂ͉˝‚Ş‚ ‚éH


Ą‰ń‚́AƒnƒCƒ‰ƒCƒg‚ÍI just worship chaos. ‚É‚ľ‚Ä‚¨‚­B